How to Add a PDF Viewer in WordPress?

Last updated on April 17th, 2022 at 09:05 pm

Would you like to include PDF viewer  feature in your WordPress website ? By default, WordPress shows PDF documents, for example, links. Customers may see the PDF by simply downloading or opening that in the new window.

However, imagine if you like to embed a PDF in your post? In the subsequent article, we will explain just how to bring a PDF viewer in WordPress.

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Reasons for Incorporate PDF Viewer in WordPress

WordPress will not embed PDF documents to site posts as it does with sound and video clip embeds. It merely adds the document just as a downloadable link.

This usually means that end consumers might need to proceed away from the own page to see the PDF file. A number of those users do not arrive straight back once again to your website, and this also minimizes your site’s page-views in addition to user engagement.

One method to cope together is always to present you PDF documents as contents upgrades. In this way, you can ask your users to join your email list to have the bonus articles.

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Nevertheless, if you only need visitors to watch PDF documents without even departing your site, then you’ll need to add a PDF viewer to your WordPress website.

A PDF Viewer may embed the PDF into your WordPress pages and posts. Users will have the ability to view, download, read, and print PDF documents without even departing your website.

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Installing and Preparing a PDF Viewer in WordPress

The initial point you need to do is set up and then activate that the PDF Viewer plugin. Upon activation, then you need to visit setting ->> PDF Viewer to configure the plugin’s configurations.


PDF Viewer plugin gives you the ability to get control the width and height of the PDF viewer. You may adjust this if you think the PDF viewer vessel is overly narrow or broad on your website.

You might also disable service to get older versions of internet explorer. By default, the plugin will not demonstrate the PDF viewer for users using Web Explorer 9 or even more below.

As an alternative, the users will see a downloading link. You may alter the message user with older browsers will probably soon see.

Don’t forget to simply click on the save changes button to store your own setting.

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Embedding PDF Documents with PDF Viewer in WordPress

Incorporating PDF documents in your post is relatively easy.  First you have to incorporate or upload  a PDF file using social media up loader. Now you certainly can achieve it by developing a brand new article or edit the active one, then click on the Add Media button over the article editor.


Soon after uploading your document, you’ll be able to copy its URL specifically from your media up loader.


Subsequent, you need to bring this URL wrapped in editor box amongst [pdfviewer] [/ / pdfviewer] short-code. Like that:


This is the way that the PDF Viewer may exhibit your document in your WordPress post.

pdfviewer demo

You may add width and height parameters into your short code too.

That is especially beneficial if you would like to reevaluate the default height and width set in plugins configurations.

The PDF Viewer works by using Mozilla’s PDF.js script to display PDF documents. It leaves PDF data documents attractively with all the standard pair of programs to manually scroll down, search, jump among pages, and download PDF documents.

Incorporating a PDF viewer in your site should be achieved in order to help your site’s visitor interaction. Doing so keeps traffic in your pages longer and they’ll be far more inclined to maintain studying your site.

Additionally, it saves time without needing to basically download the PDF document to visualize it. People with slower Internet speeds are really going to love this as the larger PDF may require them longer than a short while to download.

We expect that this short article assists you to add a PDF Viewer in WordPress.

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