Hostinger Genuine Review.

Last updated on April 29th, 2022 at 07:49 pm

Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosting provider currently available but is it any good well let’s find out .

Hostinger was originally named Ooowebhost in 2007 and they aimed at providing free web hosting worldwide. This name was changed back in 2011 and Hostinger her brand was born.

Where is Hostinger Based?

Hostinger is based in Lithuania which is in Europe. So you can expect some real good server times in the European region.

Their servers however are not limited to Europe only according to a post by Hostinger themselves .

They have servers based all across the world in major regions such as the USA Brazil Asia etc. and they also claim that all of the servers are connected to 1,000 megabytes lines to ensure a smooth experience for the customers.

Why is Hostinger So Cheap?

I don’t think that Hostinger is cheap I just think that other major hosting providers are overpriced.

Furthermore another reason could be the fact that Hostinger is completely independent of cPanel and rather it uses hPanel which is their own product and so doesn’t cost them extra money whereas cPanel charges from these web hosting companies which might have resulted in a higher price.

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Pros of Hostinger

I am using Hostinger from last six months So, on the basis of my experience there are some pros i have found in Hostinger. So lets take pros –

1 # WordPress Host


Hosting is good for WordPress it’s pretty good and in fact it’s quite easy to install WordPress with their H panel as they provide a one click quick install furthermore Hostinger also hosts WordPress sites pretty nicely.

I have used it with my site for the past 6 months and so far no issues with it. The performance is solid with good uptime and fast speeds.

I think the following Google PageSpeed insights says the PageSpeed depends on a number of factors and not only hosting but it has a considerable effect on it.

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2 # Speed

we got an average speed of one hundred thirty five point five milliseconds across eight with hosting her servers that’s stupid FAST.

It’s even better than some giants like site ground or Bluehost etc. Here are some stats hosting your speed.

We got an A+ in performance on our test site and European speeds were massively good as compared to other hosting companies while the US and the Asian region lagged behind a little.

But it was still pretty good here are some of the average results of some other hosting companies hosting your competitor speed.

If we comparison these average speed results are calculated by data from ten regions.


Hostinger performed better than most of the hosting providers out there with the exception of a few us-based hosting companies which perform exceptionally well in that region with a delay of less than 10 minutes.

Hostinger speed comparison, according to region US and Canada region green geeks and SiteGround performed exceptionally well here with a latency of one millisecond in the eastern US.

And about 50 milliseconds on the western side, European region hosting her by far the best in Europe with less than 15 milliseconds latency in both major European countries Germany and England.

Indian region hosting her performed the best with the nearest competitor performing twice as slow again . HostGator performed the best in this region and SiteGround did reasonable well very good

3 # Guaranteed Uptime


Uptime is one of the most important things, when considering a web host because you don’t want to disappoint the user.

When he logs on to your website and it’s down plus you might miss some potential customers as well. Further more uptime can also affect your site’s ranking in Google.

And if your site is down for an extended period of time Google might bump you down to few stops and you don’t want that hosting your guarantees a 99.9% uptime with their web hosting in their Terms of Service.

And its no BS meaning it doesn’t contain clauses which allow the company to withdraw refunds if they wanted to check it out for yourselves hosting. 

Your service uptime guarantee if your site’s uptime dips down below 99.9% you are entitled to a 5% discount on your next month’s order which is just amazing so far.

We’ve been happy with our uptime stats as they are a solid 100 percent during the four months we have used their service and we have had no issues with our site slowing down or any other server-side problems.

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4 # Awesome Customer Support


Customer support is just on the next level so good it’s really quick and they also provide multiple languages. 

Which are just amazing here is just a test conversation I did for this review chat hosting. The guy responded within two minutes and was really fun to talk to.

We didn’t get to open a ticket for support because of the awesome UI and how easy. Furthermore these gifts make problem-solving a lot more fun for easy to use user interface hosting.

5 # Easy User Interface


Hostinger provides one of the best UI designs out there it’s so easy and fast to set up websites with it.

They use their own panel is known as hPanel rather than the more conventionally used cPanel.

I have used both and I think H panel is better just because of the cleaner UI.

Another advantage over cPanel as the fact that they charge hosting providers some money for using their UI due to this they’re hosting price is much higher than Hostinger.

6 # 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


I’m pretty sure y’all are happy to hear this apart from all the other features a hosting your subscription as risk free.

You can get a refund within 30 days if you don’t like their services with no question asked but there are some services which are not refundable.

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7 # Awesome Price

Here’s where hosting or swipes all the competition away Hostinger shared web hosting comes with four different plans.

hostinger price

Single shared hosting price $1.99 month one website one email limited bandwidth 100 gigabytes free domain 1x allocated resources.

Premium shared hosting price $2.99 month unlimited number of websites, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, WordPress acceleration LS C WP free domain 2x allocated resources.

Business shared hosting price $4.99 month unlimited number of websites, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth , WordPress acceleration LS C WP and free SSL certificate in domain with daily backups.

Cloud hosting price  $9.99 month unlimited number of websites, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, WordPress acceleration LS c WP and free SSL certificate with domain daily backups 48 X allocated resources.

if you need to host a single website just go for the basic hosting your plan as you get a really good deal for $119.4 you can host a website for 4 years with a free domain.

8 # Free Domain

Getting a free domain name out of your web hosting can really assist, and Hostinger is really making a distinction by supporting new entrepreneurs by giving a website without spending money.

To protects your online identity you have to get WHOIS protection. Some domain registrars like Namecheap provides WHOIS protection without spending money, however this isn’t the case with all registrars. More typically than not, you should pay for it, and sadly, that is the case with Hostinger.

You can get a FREE DOMAIN! Paying $5 (12 months ) for WHOIS protection actually is peanuts in comparison with that. It’s a worthy investment!

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9 # Free SSL Certificate

Google will even show the textual content “this site is not secure” when loading any websites without SSL within the Chrome browser, which makes it much less possible for individuals to purchase issues off your website.

SSL Certification can also be one of many best methods to boosts your website’s search engine marketing rankings, therefore the significance we place on the characteristic. Hostinger  provide free SSl certificate.

Cons of Hostinger

So far, we actually like Hostinger as an internet host but it surely’s simply not practical if we are saying that they’ve acquired no flaws. Here are a few of the issues we weren’t too happy about.

1 # Daily Backup not allowed

Hostinger does not provide daily backup facility which is disappointed me very well . We had been so accustomed to each day backups with different webhosting that the shortage of it made us really feel somewhat insecure.

Daily backup facility comes free with their Business Shared Hosting plan (which prices extra, clearly) or it may be purchased. Hostinger does not give daily backup facility to its premium shared hosting account.

However consider it this fashion so Hostinger’s introductory prices are already the lowest available in the market. They need to make somewhat more cash off sure options.

If you don’t wish to pay extra for backup services, you’ll be able to nonetheless relaxation assured . Hostinger offers free WEEKLY backup for all their accounts.

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2 # Access Live Chat Only 

Hostinger’s give Live Chat only  for those who’re logged right into a Hostinger account.

That means for those who’re not a Hostinger buyer however you might have questions for instance about migrating your website over to them, you may’t chat reside with a customer support consultant.

To get in contact with Hostinger without being logged in, click on the “Contact Us” button on the backside of their website.

Then, you’ll be taken to a web page the place you’ll be able to select whether or not you’re on the lookout for help to report abuse or to submit a basic inquiry ticket.

it’s pretty clear that hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting providers. I have a pretty good experience these past six months with them.

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Our Final Verdict

So do we recommend Hostinger 100% they are by far the best hosting providers for the price and really good for small to medium businesses and people who are looking to make a website on the budget if you would like to grab yourself a risk free hosting for 30 days to try them out.

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