HostGator Hosting Reviews

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HostGator  is founded in the year 2002. This company has 16 plus years in existence in the hosting industry. HostGator has been rated with at 95 percent customer satisfaction.

HostGator has over 12,000 servers and its management and one of the top three largest and most well-known riposte in the world.

If you’re looking for extra power than HostGator is that company that will give you dedicated and VPS hosting that has no problems.

HostGator is that company that has received several awards there’s a magazine called PC Mag comm.  It’s a tech magazine and it has through its editors choices it has received over for awards in 2016. 

It received the best web hosting of 2016 the best dedicated web hosting of 2016 the best word WordPress web hosting of 2016 and also the best shared web hosting of 2016.

WordPress beginner is also one of those resources it’s actually the largest white purse resource in the world and it also one in WordPress and I wanted host together the best business hosting of 2016 hostGator compares fairly and guinness other hosts.

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Pros of HostGator

These are the pros of HostGator given below:

1 # Plan & Priceing

Hostgator has taken care of that when you’re doing with blogs especially blogs.

They tend to come with volume traffic especially if it’s really successful blog now volume traffic’s certain volume traffic requires that you have much bandwidth it to handle that kind of traffic and Hostgator is that kind of company that comes with that kind of technology to balance out the volume.

Hostgator has also another advantage that whenever you want to start your hosting you don’t have to worry about paying.

If the sounds of money you can always start by paying monthly payments,  monthly payments are acceptable now you can do one month three months six months.

Whenever you think you’re comfortable with whichever payment plan but all in all east you always have to get started at whatever time you want to get started because of the payment plans.

hostgator reviews

Here’s a listing of assorted HostGator internet hosting plans in cloud internet hosting atmosphere.

Let’s now discuss every certainly one of them together with pricing.

Hatchling cloud Plan  # Similar to Hatchling plan from shared internet hosting, that is additionally the starter plan from cloud internet hosting in HostGator which prices you \$2.75 per 30 days and greatest appropriate for newbies and entry level websites that need cloud internet hosting (the place you may set up only one website).

Baby cloud Plan # Using this plan, you may set up limitless websites which prices you $3.95 per 30 days on cloud internet hosting.

Business cloud Plan # This is the superior cloud internet hosting plan from HostGator the place you may set up limitless websites with superior options like dedicated IP and this plan prices you $5.95 per 30 days.

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2 # Free Domain

free domain

The best thing about HostGator is that you never pay for your domain your domain is given to you free of charge for an entire year so all you do is choose your domain and HostGator will clear that for you. 

The other thing is in case you want to switch to HostGator you don’t have to worry about switching because the easiest thing you can do.

Your domain simply enter it in the field and suckled around there and then hostGator will do the rest for you no matter what kind of traffic your website is going to receiving.

3 # High Speed Website Loading

high speed website loading

HostGator also offers you the fastest hosting in the industry if you’re looking for a website to be lightning fast and that brings more advantages to you why you’ll have more customers browsing because the site loads faster.

You’ll have more customer retention why because customers stay longer on a site that is browsing very well on the other thing is more chances of purchases.

So your website will receive in case you’re an e-commerce kind of website or selling anything in your website they’re chances are more people purchase why it’s very floor flawless in terms of navigation.

And opening up pages and also of course that will come with with a better customer experience and possibly you’ll be written very high in your industry.

4 # Free SSL certificate

free ssl certificate

When you are to host a website you need SSL certificate.   SSL certificate secures your data and Guinness to hackers data such as credit card information and add the kind of his sensitive information.

He’s supposed to be encrypted with an SSL certificate when that is done the chances that you will lose data a very minimal and so advise that every kind of website and a naturist not good advice.

HostGator is already giving that to you free of charge so by default your site will have that so if you have any other person who is hosting you company hosting you please think again.

5 # Data Backup

backup manager

HostGator is giving you frame you don’t have to worry about it there is data backup that you have to enjoy whenever you creating a website always in technology. We have what we call technology failure there’s ups and downs in technology so that a backup helps restore.

Your data back to what it was before it was lost maybe hackers broke into your website and disorganized it deformed it to the fest it all that now if they did all that there’s a possibility that you lost some data so backup helps your restore.

6 # One click-WordPress Installation

One click-Wordpress Installation

HostGator gives you that free of charge if you want to install technology free I mean easy and quick then HostGator gives you WordPress  free and easy install say one-click install. 

Once you click on it HostGator will just start the process of installing and in less than 30 seconds the technology will be installed.

WordPress is the easiest to ever use in creating websites. If you’re good at using WordPress you know that it takes less than 10 mins to have the real website running.

7 # Customer support

customer support

You think that at one time it may go down and you need quick and best support what skinners created the  best web hosting support in the industry.

When you log in and post your question in your query house together under 60 seconds we’ll have responded to your query  and we’ll give you an appropriate solution to that problem. You may be facing.

And the beauty about this HostGator support is that it never closes down then never sleeping 24/7 365 days I mean a year. They are up and running so you are sure door service all the time.

8 # Easy Sign up Process

easy sign up processIt’s very easy to sign up for once together we’re posting all you do is when you click the sign up button.  It will just bring you straight here and then you fill in the details and some of the steps were already gone through.

9 # Award Winning cPanel

c panel

it’s very easy to use our winning cPanel that HostGator gives you why we call it our winnings because it’s very basic in how you navigate.  you don’t have to go to school to learn how to navigate through this cPanel and sip on is the best a navigation tool in hosting you have any other kind of management panel.

I’ve used several others and I will tell you they are not the right one to use so what’s good gives you that customer fortune you handle everything right in there.

10 # Customized Free Email

customized free email

You get free email bundled within your HostGator plans everything about hosting requires email. If you’re creating a website and you don’t need email then I don’t know how you can come get your customers.

I know you can but your custom emails are very key and HostGator gives a that  platform where you connect your email to you our website and people can always reach you with ease in case you want to start your very own business out there.

11 # No.1 Reseller Program

If you’re looking for ways to quickly start to make money then the reseller program.  The reseller packages are the best that you can use in the industry to resell at just $ 19.995 per month and you could make six to seven figures clean profit.

Reseller internet hosting may be merely thought of as white label internet hosting the place your shoppers purchase and host their web sites by means of you as in the event you have been the internet hosting firm comparable to HostGator.

To put it merely, reseller internet hosting means that you can create your personal internet hosting firm the place you may supply varied web site options comparable to server upkeep, software program, website uptime and so forth.

reseller program

Here’s a listing of assorted HostGator internet hosting plans in reseller internet hosting atmosphere.

  • Aluminium Plan
  •  Copper Plan
  • Silver Plan

Let’s now discuss every certainly one of them together with pricing.

Aluminium Plan # This is the starter plan which supplies you 60 GB disk, 600 GB bandwidth and limitless domains which prices you $19.95 per 30 days.

Copper Plan # This is the medium vary plan which most individuals use which supplies you 90 GB disk, 900 GB bandwidth and limitless domains which prices which prices you $24.95 per 30 days.

Silver Plan # For a restricted time period, you may get this plan for a similar quantity you pay for the Copper reseller internet hosting plan which prices you $24.95 per 30 days and get further options like extra storage, bandwidth and so forth.

12 # 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee

HostGator is so assured of their service that they lengthen the industry-average 30-day refund coverage an additional two weeks or so to 45 days. That means you should utilize them for over a full month and nonetheless get your buy worth again if any points pop up.

45 day money-back assure applies to all shared, reseller, and VPS hosting plan.

The solely catch is that this doesn’t apply to HostGator’s dedicated servers, administrative charges, set up charges for customized software program. After combing via 30+ plus Terms of Service paperwork by now, we’ve discovered that these caveats are pretty widespread within the internet hosting  industry.

So, for instance, in case your plan included a free domain name, they’ll deduct the usual charge of \$15.00 for the domain from the refund amount.

HostGator’s Terms give them as much as 90 days to truly difficulty a refund. No refunds will probably be given on check, money order, Western Union payments, or bank wire transfers, both.

Refunds are solely accessible for brand new plans or accounts. So in case you previously signed up for one, and are canceling a renewal or second attempt, you won’t get something in return.

And final however not least, foreign currency refunds are processed based on the U.S. Dollar exchange rates.

Cons of HostGator 

1 # Slow Customer Support

HostGator has a 24/7 internet hosting customer support obtainable by way of live chat, cellphone, and electronic mail. Their help group is prepared to assist and can repair a lot of the points you may face.

However, they don’t supply one of the best customer support within the business and their responses are normally gradual.

Note that customer support high quality is tough to trace and it will depend on many altering components.

2 # No Daily Backups

HostGator shared internet hosting doesn’t include free every day backup. This means you’ll have to use an exterior backup service. However, they do take weekly server backups, however there may be an extra charge for backup restore.

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve learn our detailed HostGator review, you might be most likely considering if HostGator is best for you?

HostGator affords number of internet hosting plans that match all budgets and necessities. They supply all of the instruments you will want to build a website.

There are above   million of  clients have already trust on HostGator. Whether you’re a seasoned Internet professional, or simply beginning out together with your first web site, you’ll discover each essential instrument to deliver your web site to subsequent level.

Are you ready to get began with HostGator hosting ? So you can select your HostGator plan today.

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