How To Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress?

Last updated on April 15th, 2022 at 06:12 pm

It is 2021, and virtually any WordPress theme stipulates a choice to add a featured image on a WordPress post. But maybe not all of the theme enables you to hide the featured images.

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Consequently, if you would like to learn how to hide a featured image on a WordPress post, this writes up would be convenient for you personally.

Beneath, we will discuss around three ways to hide a featured images in a WordPress post.

1 # Check whether the WordPress theme that you possess got the alternative to hide the featured image.

WordPress theme contains many feature and featured images is one of the available. Thus, the primary thing you ought to do is assess if your theme gets the option to hide featured images.

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Obey the Steps to Look at this feature in your WordPress theme:/span>

  • Visit a WordPress theme dashboard.
  • Proceed to post, then click All posts.
  • Click on the Edit option under your WordPress posts.

edit post to hide featured image

Underneath the Preview button, then you also will observe option as shown from the screen shot under:

block edit to remove featured images

Now you should currently detect the option to eliminate featured pictures under featured Picture.

remove featured image from document

In the event you can’t even detect it, then browse every single tab; you also ought to be in a position to discover it. If it’s still true that you can not, your WordPress theme doesn’t have the option to hide featured images by itself.

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We advocate with a theme that provides you command across the featured images, such as the GeneratePress theme. This theme is somewhat SEO friendly, lightweight, and entirely customizable.

2 # Dealing with a WordPress plugin to cover up features image

In case your overall theme will not assist in-hiding a featured image and you also do not want to make use of a fresh theme , you can employ a WordPress plugin to have the task done.

But note this plugin hasn’t been updated for quite a while and has not tested to the most recent WordPress variants. Thus, do your homework ahead. A analysis indicates that 52 % of WordPress  vulnerabilities are the result of plugins. Therefore think before installing this particular plugin.

Below Are Some plugins You May utilize:

Hide Featured Image

Find your own Hide Featured Image Plugin. The majority of the bloggers additionally advise this plugin. In addition, it has obtained a significant quantity of active installations.

There are some steps to complete the task. These are as follow.

  • First of all you to install and Activate the Hide Featured Image Plugin

install and activate hide featured image

  • Then you have to go to your WordPress dashboard and select setting.
  • In the search box you need to search Hide Featured Image and click this.

access hide featured images plugin from dashboard

  • Under General Setting, you can discover the opportunity to hide images in pages and posts.
  • Click the option and then go through the submit button beneath.

hide featured image using plugin

Conditionally Display Featured Images

There’s simply another alternate plugin known as Conditionally to display featured images onto striking pages and posts.

This plugin will do exactly the same job of displaying or concealing the featured images inside WordPress specific article. Moreover, it might be employed together with most of the current recent WordPress version.

If You’d like texts, then follow the following under:

  • Sign in to a WordPress dashboard.
  • Proceed to the plugin, then click on AddNew.
  • You will locate a search bar at the top right. And type Conditionally Display the featured image.
  • So Simply click install and then activate the plugin.

install and activate display featured image conditionally plugin

  • Proceed to’ Post ‘ and click ‘All Post ‘
  • Currently, choose the Post with the featured image you wish to hide.  And you have to click the edit.
  • You have to visit below the Previews and featured image on the right side.
  • If  you want to Display featured image in Post list only and hide on singular views then check the option.

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hiding featured images using conditionally display plugin

Quick Featured Images

In case Conditionally to display featured images plugin doesn’t operate, there’s an alternative plugin to edit featured images. It’s Named Quick Featured Images. This plugin doesn’t permit you to conceal the featured images. However, you may remove and add featured images handily.

  • First of all you need to Sign in to a WordPress dashboard.
  • And then you have to visit the Plugin and click on Add New
  • You’ll discover a search bar at the top right. And type Quick Featured Images.
  • So Simply click install and then activate the plugin.

install and activate quick featured images

  • Proceed to Post and click All Posts.
  • Simply click Remove Featured images to automatically remove the image, or click set Featured picture to insert images immediately.

remove featured image on quick featured image

Frequently Ask Questions

Q # How to hide featured images with WordPress CSS?
Ans # You may hide featured images utilizing a very simple field of code WordPress CSS.
Follow the steps under:

  • Visit a WordPress admin panel.
  • And you have to visit to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS
  • And you have to type the following code

.entry-content img {

display: none;


This code will hide the featured image for the single posts. If you want to hide featured image for a particular post, type in the following code:

.post-11111  .post-image {

display: none;


You’ll have to restore 11111 along with your actual Post Id.

Q # What’s the significance of the Featured images in a WordPress post?
Ans # report indicates that 38 per cent of these people abandon the site if they discover that it’s attractive. By doing that, we can expect the value of visible belief to maintain your traffic.

A proper featured image offers a visible debut of your total content material. Moreover, they boost the total look of your site and induce any customers to browse your content.

Q #  Could I utilize numerous featured images on the website or Post?
Ans # u utilized numerous featured images for the website or Post. I would advise installing the Dynamic Featured Image plugin for this use.

This plug in also makes it feasible that you to add multiple featured images on your custom made page or post. It’s possible to readily specify the number of featured images that you would like to incorporate without even writing one line of code.

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Are you currently able to hide the featured images on your WordPress theme later reading the articles?

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