Beginner’s Guide for ftp manager lite in 2021.

Last updated on November 29th, 2021 at 10:31 pm

FTP Manager Lite allows you to share and transfer files quickly and securely. FTP manager Lite is a complimentary FTP client.

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This permits you to move data from your computer to FTP. FTP over SSL supports data protection, automatic network  re connection, efficient use multiple connections and more.

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FTP Manager Lite’s intuitive interface makes data transfer simple. The connection wizard makes it easy to create a new connection. When you make your link you may open File Manager to start moving files.

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All common functions like rename, copy and delete can be performed using the File Manager. Drag and drop are also available for quick transfer with a swipe of the mouse.

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You want a central place to manage multiple connections and view them all? FTP Manager Lite’s tabbed interface allows you to view and control multiple connections from one window. Each tab can represent a connection to an FTP account or a PC.

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The Transfer Queue lists files that must be transferred. Drag files into the Transfer Queue and transfer can be started in just a few clicks.

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Transfers can be paused or restarted at any moment. FTP Manager Lite will connect automatically to the network and resume transfer if there’s a problem. Log files contain all details about data transfers, including date and time.

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FTP Manager Lite is the best FTP client with all of its features.

Features of FTP Manager Lite

Connection Choices

connection choice

  • Files and folders can be transferred from PC to FTP or PC to PPC
  • Can work with all the FTP Servers
  • Support for FTP and FTP Over SSL
  • Automated ASCII/Binary selection
  • Transfers between passive and active modes

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Stay connected

stay connected

  • Restart transfer and auto-reconnect in case of failure
  • To facilitate smooth and quick transfers, keep your connections open

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View and Control

view and control

  • Multiple transfers can be connected and controlled by one person
  • Each file transfer’s status can be viewed individually
  • Maintains a detailed log of all transfers
  • Transfers can be stopped at any moment

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Simple File Management

file management

  • From within the program, you can delete, rename and copy files on your computer and server.
  • Quick and simple movement for drag and drop files
  • Set up rules to skip, rename, or overwrite files

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