Best Freelance WordPress Plugins in 2021.

Last updated on November 18th, 2021 at 07:20 pm

Being a freelancer, website is the most effective marketing tool for you. It assists you in getting noticed by potential clients, offers details about the services you provide and creates your brand.

But, running the website of an independent contractor is quite different from managing one for a business. You’re in charge when it comes to designing maintenance, expansion, and upkeep.

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Your work will soon become overwhelming with tasks to maintain your website’s functionality instead of serving your customers without the proper tools.

If you’ve built your website using WordPress, there are many plugins that are specifically designed for freelancers. These plugins will automate your email marketing and backup your data and contact details, and allow you to manage your site as effortless.

In the above post, we’ll look at the best and most powerful WordPress plugins that freelancers are able to make use of. We’ll go over what they offer, how much they cost, and the reasons you might choose one over the other.

Best Plugins for Freelancers in WordPress


Price: Without any cost.


A CRM is an ideal tool for those who work from home. It monitors customer communications and engagement and records valuable data in a single, easily accessible database.

However, a CRM can’t be effective by itself; it must be linked to your site, email, social media  and other channels of marketing for you to collect real-time information.

With the HubSpot’s HubSpot WordPress plugin it is possible to link your HubSpot CRM to your WordPress web site. This way, whenever somebody fills out a contact form on your website or engages on any of the pages on your site, the data is recorded and saved on the page the visitor is on within your CRM.

This information in your possession could make or break an offer when converting a potential customer to a long-term customer.

Updraft Plus

Price :Free With premium also plans available

updraft plus

There aren’t many feelings more painful than the instant when you click “delete” and suddenly realize that what you’ve deleted was the file you intended to save. It’s gone to the dust, and there’s no chance to retrieve it.

So, you think.

When you use Updraft Plus, you can set up routine backups so that your data is always backed up in the cloud. Backups of files are automatically made and restored with just a click even when they’ve been deleted from Your WordPress account.

This plugin works to Google Drive, Amazon S3, DreamObjects, Rackspace Cloud, UpdraftPlus Vault, Openstack Swift,  FTP, Dropbox and most email providers.


Price: Free and premium plans are available


Email is an effective and cost-effective marketing tool. As a freelancer, you most likely utilize it to stay in touch with clients and distribute announcements to your clients.

When your customer base expands, it becomes hard to stay on top of the email messages. There are more customers to handle this means that you will have more email messages to take.

MailChimp is beneficial as it makes email marketing easier. This plugin includes people who fill out a questionnaire on your site in the MailChimp lists. It is easy to monitor any information your customers have provided and follow up with them once they’ve completed an online form.

An immediate response lets them know that, even though you’re only a single person, it’s reliable and in the know about customer communication.

WP Review

wp review

Reviews can help you get more visibility, and reviews can help people understand how your services are performed, and also how skilled you are for a specific job. WP Review is one of the top WordPress review plugins with over 100,000 installations and downloads. It’s an official WordPress plugin that doesn’t alter its performance on your blog.

Instead it allows people to post feedback about your business and services on the pages you decide to include the form for reviews on. The features of the plugin are extensive including A star rating system that display stars in Google results pages, it’s mobile-friendly.

You can modify the look of the form to suit your blog’s theme, reviews themselves are formatted to be easy to read so that readers aren’t confused it supports well-known WordPress cache plugins that can boost performance, and a myriad of other awesome features.

Sprout Invoices

Price: $40/year for Basic Plan, $80/year for Plus Plan, $150/year for Pro Plan, $300/year for Agency Plan


With Invoices from Sprout, it is easy to create invoices for your customers.

This plugin lets you create a lasting impression for customers with customizable options that instantly distinguish your invoice from other invoices they receive in their inboxes.

Sprout Invoices also integrates with the most popular payment processors such as PayPal or Stripe, making it easy for customers to pay promptly. Additional features are a customer administration system, multi-currency support and customized notifications.

Cost Calculator

Price: $30

cost calculator

There’s always the chance that leads might try to cut the price you are charged when you’re freelancers. In the end, you’re not an enterprise with a chain of orders to follow. You’re an individual contractor, and customers may view the price as being a negotiation.

With Cost Calculator easy plugin, you can give potential leads or prospects an estimate of how much your services cost before contacting you. This way, you’ll avoid awkward pricing discussions or complex negotiations once the client has expressed interest.

In addition, it identifies customers who don’t match your pricing policy, but it will determine which clients are spending more than other customers. While you collaborate with the same clients and establish relationships, you can concentrate on those who spend the most money with your company.

WordPress Project Manager

Price: Free and premium plans are available

wp project manager

If you are a freelancer, you are likely to be working on multiple projects at once. As you expand and increase your client base, managing these tasks at once is not easy. Although you’re not likely to reject more work, you do not wish to miss a deadline and ruin your reputation with existing customers.

WordPress Project Manager takes the burden off your shoulders by assisting you to manage your clients and projects without hassle. Its highlights include a time-tracker, an hourly-based fee calculator, an interactive task calendar and much more.

All of these tools can help you keep on top of tasks and ensure that you’re meeting your assignments before the deadline, keeping customers satisfied.

Strong Testimonials

Price: Free With premium also plans available

strong testimonials

Social testimonials or proof of your work are fantastic to boost your credibility and demonstrating to potential clients the reasons why they should choose you.

But, you may be too busy for testimonials or not ask how to ask for efficient results. Through Strong Testimonials, the Strong Testimonials plugin, you can quickly gather testimonials and then display the testimonials on your website.

You can say your customer testimonials in slideshows or on a regular grid if you want to display them. Strong Testimonials can also allow you to pull reviews from third websites such as Yelp, making your testimonial pages look more trustworthy to your intended public.

Visitors will not only review you’ve written in the past, but your customers have left by themselves without needing to ask.

Gravity Forms

gravity forms

If you’re a freelancer who has the option of having your site, you’ll require pages with forms. Potential customers can utilize simple contact forms as well as full-scale forms to request an estimate from you. WordPress isn’t equipped with an integrated form-building tool.

However, the plugin directory will offer a range of free form builders. These aren’t suitable for professional freelancers, however. Additionally, some of these plugins provide only basic versions.

To tackle the issue that forms are created, a particular plugin has stood apart from the others. It’s known as Gravity Forms which is a sophisticated WordPress form plugin for brands, freelancers, and small companies and bloggers.

It has an impressive track history of being secure, reliable and flexible. Use it to build the most flexible forms to gather important information about the people who are contacting you.



Marketing via email using WordPress could be an extremely unpleasant experience. No single plugin will handle the most email marketing tasks in a single dashboard, at least not up to now.

Drip is rapidly changing the method WordPress users market them and the content they publish. It’s an automated marketing tool for WordPress. It is targeted at businesses, brands, bloggers, freelancers, and those who believe they can gain from filling their email lists by attracting hot leads.

Drip offers a variety of widgets that can be utilized to gather email addresses from visitors.

It includes a live-chat-like feature that can collect information directly, an embeddable widget that can be embedded anywhere on your website, and an exit-intent widget that allows you to test one more opportunity to manage a subscriber before closing the site.

Automatically classify every subscriber into specific categories within the Drip widget. It’s possible to utilize Drip to develop email courses and on boarding emails that can go from talking about an item to having an audience for it.

This automation will save you a significant amount of time instead of having to complete the entire marketing task by yourself.

Choosing the Right Freelancer Plugins

These tools can make your life easier and less stressful for freelancers in managing and organizing your work.

If you are working on multiple projects with deadlines to be met and numerous clients you want to keep satisfied, It’s always good to have some help for your daily workflow, and that’s precisely the kind of support these tools can provide.

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