How to Create EDM Marketing for Your Business Website?

Last updated on November 27th, 2021 at 10:46 pm

As per study  306.4 billion emails was received and sent each day in 2020 globally . Nearly everyone has an email address. Email marketing resume to have the highest return of investment. It makes email marketing strategies vital for your business’s marketing efforts.

email marketing roi chart

Electronic Direct Mail Marketing is the next level in enhancing  your marketing efforts if you already use email marketing, and even more so if not.

What is Electronic Direct Mail marketing?

Electronic Direct Mail Marketing is a marketing strategy that business use to reach big groups of prospective buyers. It focuses on building relationships and increasing overall sales.

EDM marketing is essentially about sending your offer via email blasts. However, it’s much more complicated than regular email marketing campaigns.

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You can use Electronic Direct Mail Marketing in multiple media channels, including print marketing materials and text message marketing. You can also use OOH advertising to reinforce or retarget your message.

Let’s get into the details of Electronic Direct Mail marketing and how to execute Electronic Direct Mail campaigns in your marketing blueprint.

Let’s begin with the basics of EDM marketing?

Electronic Direct Mail marketing is about creating a list of prospective buyers. You can then connect with them by sending engaging emails to different segments. It allows you to interact personally with perspective and current buyers to build relationships, increase conversions and boost brand loyalty.

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EDM marketing goes beyond email marketing, as we have already said.

EDM marketing strategies use various media such as email, social media, and text messages to build customer lists and convert them to customers. You can also reach potential customers by using other marketing communications to reinforce your campaign message. (We will understand in deep below)

Electronic Direct Mail marketing is flexible and adaptable. You may utilize it for any forms of enterprises. EDM marketing is a great way to increase conversions and grow your email lists, regardless of whether you’re an eCommerce or service-based company.

What is difference among email marketing and Electronic Direct Mail marketing?

You may quiet be thinking what the distinction between email marketing and EDM marketing is. Both use emails to grow their lists and convert more people, so it’s easy to see how they are very similar.

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An email marketing strategy could  be easy as sending emails to customers through a third-party provider. However, an EDM campaign can be much more complicated.

It starts with blasts and continues with retargeting ads to capture people who have seen the email. A assisting social media strategy, printed ads in magazines or billboards also included.

edm marketing vs email marketing

These support marketing campaigns expand on the message sent in the first email. Each acts as one of more brand touch points that can assist convert potential into buyers and buyers into repeat buyers.

The marketing rule of seven states that potential buyers must have seen or heard your marketing message at most seven times before they will take any action or make a purchase.

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EDM marketing campaigns help you reach these seven touchpoints. They create a comprehensive marketing strategy beyond email communication.

EDM marketing campaigns have many benefits

EDM marketing offers many of the same benefits as email marketing. However, multi-channel targeted campaigns are more effective than standard email campaigns.

You save time and money

EDM and email marketing can be very cost-effective. Once you have your list, emailing them is easy based on the schedule you create for your business. Beautiful emails can be created using either templates or the expertise of an in-house team of designers for a fraction of the cost of traditional mailers.

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You can save time by doing everything yourself and not using a delivery service or printer to get your message across.

Increases conversions and builds trust

A business’s ability to communicate directly with customers is one way it can build trust. Email marketing is the greatest procedure to act this.

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A BCG study found that trusting brands is more important for millennials than loyalty discounts when it comes selecting company to assist. Edelman’s 2019 study found that 62% of consumers are loyal to brands they trust and 51% said they would recommend for brands they trust.

brand loyalty chart

EDM marketing has one of the best aspects. You are working with people who have given their permission to contact them by email. You know they are interested in your messages because they have agreed to receive them.

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Because of its,  form them more appropriate to engage with the content your business sends. You can build trust by engaging your audience with timely, relevant emails. You will also be able to convert them to paying customers by building trust.

Advanced Personalization Possible

EDM marketing campaigns allow you to personalize your email strategies depending on the audience segmentation. More later!

It will permit your company to interact with your buyers on a deeper level and offer them useful information. You don’t have to send an email blasting out to everyone promoting free shipping within the United States. With proper audience segmentation, you can address each section of your audience.

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Email marketing is about building relationships with leads. EDM marketing goes one step further. It uses the valuable information that you already have to help you market to your leads.

7 steps to build a foolproof EDM marketing program

You’re prepared to begin an electronic direct mail marketing program. They are simple to configure and extend over time. You can implement EDM marketing in 7 steps. It works much the same way as an email marketing campaign.

Step 1 # Select an email service provider

You can skip Step 2 if you have an email service provider (ESP). You will need to choose an email platform that is suitable for your business if this is your first attempt at email marketing.


We recommend that you move away from a spreadsheet if you want to implement EDM marketing. Instead, invest in email marketing software. Features like list segmentation and autoresponders, automated workflows, and analytics make it worth it.

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There are many great options available, so you’ll need to test them all to find the one that works for you. Many email marketing programme provide trial without any cost. VerticalResponse offers a 60-day trial, ActiveCampagin offers 14 days, and Constant Contact gives you a 30-day trial. MailChimp, Sendinblue offer “free forever” plans with limited features and are suitable for smaller lists.

It is important that your platform allows you to segment your email list and send automated emails that are triggered according to the parameters you set.

Step 2 # Build your list

Your list of leads is key to the success of any EDM or email marketing campaign. It is important to verify that your leads are real and that your list is regularly updated (most software will help you do this). This is how to do it.

You should consolidate all your contacts if you have been in business for a while. You can pull contacts from your email accounts, your CRM and eCommerce platforms, as well as your email list.

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You will need to take some time to develop an email list-building strategy if your business is brand new.

  • You can create a lead magnet # A 30-day free trial, a 10% discount code, and an interactive quiz are all good ways to get your audience to sign up.
  • Multiple ways to sign up for your audience # You can use lead capture forms, embed forms into your content, or implement floating action buttons to collect email addresses.
  • A dedicated page for lead capture is necessary # You need to create a page that captures leads and links them to your social media profiles, ads, or marketing collateral.
  • Do not forget to mention offline # You can use your physical presence and physical stores to get people’s email addresses into your database.

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There are best practices that you can use to enhance the usefulness of your email marketing blueprint when building large-scale lists. These are the most important:

  • Target your customers laser-focused # If you have an eCommerce store that sells cookware, it makes no sense to target only people who are interested in eating out.
  • You should carefully choose your triggers # Think about the various times your lead capture form could trigger: On exit, on a timer, or on scroll. To capture the most leads, you should consider how to layer them.
  • Personalize whenever you can # This allows you to segment your audience further and create a customized experience that resonates with your audience. To gather more information about your subscribers, you can use radio buttons and dropdown menus.
  • Limit the number of CTAs # Rather than overwhelming your visitors with too many calls to action, limit the number of CTAs on a page or form. It will increase conversions.
  • Transparency is key # Be honest about your intentions. Be clear about the information you want, why it’s important, and how it will use.
  • Keep your forms short # The more complicated the form, you will receive fewer submissions. So keep in mind that your forms should be short and easy as possible.

Step 3 # Segment Your List

After you have built your list, it is time to segment. Segmenting your list will allow you to specific your readers with appropriate content. It doesn’t make sense for your male subscribers to be informed about a sale on womens’ dresses.

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Your objectives and information from your audience will determine how you segment your list. There are four types you can use for segmentation:

  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Geographical
  • Behavioral

types of market segmentation

Demographic segmentation is the “who’ of market segmentation. It considers identifiable non-character traits such as Age, Gender, and Ethnicity. You might segment your customers by their income. It will waste your marketing budget and make it difficult for people to afford your products.

Market segmentation begins with psychographic segmentation This segment start with why. This segmentation looks at the personalities and interests of your customers, such as Hobbies, Life goals, and so forth. Although it can be difficult to identify these demographics, they are extremely valuable for your marketing efforts.

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Geographic segmentation refers to the “where” part of market segmentation. It’s easy to group customers located on their actual place. You can do it in many ways: Country, Region City, City, and Postal Code.

Behavioral segment means to the “how” of section markets. It is the great choice for eCommerce enterprises. Although it does require some data, you find most of the information on your site. There are three segments: Spending habits; Browsing habits; Loyalty to brands, and many more.

Segmenting your customer base allows you to address their needs, market directly, and send them effective emails. It is an essential  section of any EDM marketing strategy.

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Step 4 # Create your email campaign

That’s it! Now you can create your campaign and email your subscribers. The steps required to create your campaign may differ depending on the email platform used. However, there are key email marketing tips that you can use to build your campaign.

  • Don’t use technical jargon # Instead, speak directly to your audience using a language that they understand.
    Your emails will pop with visuals # Split the big section of text with images.
  • A catchy topic headline is essential for email # It will determine whether people receive email.
  • Stay true to your brand  # Use the same email design, tone, and frequency as your company’s emails.
  • Do not be sneaky about your unsubscribe link # Anti-spam laws can be serious, so make sure you have one in the footer.

These are great options for eCommerce companies if you don’t know where to begin when choosing the type of email campaigns you want to send.

  • Announcements of special offers
  • New Arrivals / Product Launches
  • Emails to customers who have lost touch with you are sent in “We Miss You” format.
  • Holiday Specials
    Re-orders/Back-in stock notifications
  • Sale reminders
  • Introduce your brand and USPs

Step 5 # Configure your autoresponders

Automate your email communications with autoresponders. An autoresponder is an email that is sent automatically to your mailing list based upon the triggers you have set in your email platform. Triggers may be:

  • A specific action, such as when someone opts into your list, and a welcome message is sent.
  • A discount code will be sent to you within a time frame, for example, one week after signing up.

These are some ways that you can include autoresponders in your EDM marketing campaign.

  • A birthday greeting
  • Receipts, bills, shipping confirmations, and other transnational emails
  • Recommendations for products
  • You should build an eCommerce website with content that is based on visitor behavior.
  • Reminders for abandoned carts

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Step 6 # Enable tracking

You must track your marketing strategy if you want to get success. Analytics is essential to understand the impact of your marketing campaigns on your business objectives. These are the top metrics that you mush track for your electronic direct mail marketing strategy.

  • Open rate # How many person have check your email.
  • Click through rate (CTR) # The number of person who select on a give hyperlink in your email.
  • Click-to-Open -Rate # This compares the number of specific clicks to specific open rates.
  • List growth rate # How much person register with you through email list.
  • Email sharing rate # How much person have shared you email to others.
  • Unsubscribe rate # How much person have reject your subscription.

This information is available on most email platforms. With Google Analytics, you will be in the position to  keep eyes on all metrics which  are related to your electronic direct mail marketing strategy.

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Step 7 # Create supplementary marketing Plan

You can supplement your direct mail campaign with other media channels, depending on your goals. These include social media posts and SMS, remarketing pay per click ads, push notifications, print advertising or other offline strategies.

Is email marketing software is a good option for EDM marketing?

Email marketing software applications are an important tool in the arsenal of today’s marketer.

These apps allow you to plan campaigns, monitor results, and collaborate with teammates. They also automate tasks that could take up most of your time if done manually.

Email tools offer powerful marketing analytics that can measure the effectiveness and success of your campaigns.

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Data capture and management # Contact management functions in email marketing systems allow you to capture subscriber information from your website and other sources. Once you have your database, you can segment it however you like, including based on gender, income status, or engagement with your brand.

Automate your tasks # Email marketing software allows you to create if/then scenarios that automate specific tasks easily. An example of this is an autoresponder that only sends follow-up emails if a subscriber opened the first email within a campaign.

Collaboration between teams # Email marketing software that allows collaboration between teams is the best. Mailchimp’s Campaign Builder features allow for collaborative editing. It shows how much person are presently active on a campaign. Mailchimp allows users to send out test emails to their colleagues to get feedback.

Analytics and reporting # This feature tracks your EDM and emails marketing campaigns. It provides insight into which campaigns are most effective and what can improve. Email open rates, click through, and bounce rates are some of the metrics your email app monitors.

Final words

EDM marketing is an ongoing effort to create a personal brand experience through your marketing. It’s all about trusting and building relationships with customers that convert.

Email marketing is quiet the powerful type of marketing. EDM marketing allows you to get the most from your campaigns by combining traditional email marketing with other marketing methods.

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EDM marketing is a better option than traditional email marketing strategies. EDM marketing transforms the traditional principles of email marketing into a modern marketing marvel.

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