Dreamweaver vs WordPress: Which Is Best in 2021?

Last updated on December 1st, 2021 at 08:05 pm

It can be challenging to choose which website builder you should use, I’m sure. Although Dreamweaver and WordPress is capable of creating professional-looking web pages. From beginning to end, is a complete process.

WordPress offers more help and is easier to use. WordPress is much easier to use for beginners while still allowing for a lot more flexibility for experienced site builders.

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Dreamweaver requires more experience in coding to create websites. It’s also software that you have to download and pay to use.

Bloggers might find Dreamweaver easier than the Adobe Suite. This didn’t really help. WordPress’s simple setup and additional customization options won my heart!

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WordPress offers thousands of themes. Dreamweaver needs more imagination. WordPress offers a wide range of themes, both paid and free. WordPress and third-party developers offer this wide range.

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WordPress themes allow for easy customization. While it is not as simple as a drag and drop website builder, it is easy to see which elements are being modified and how to do it.


If you don’t like too many Dreamweaver website templates, there aren’t many to choose from.

Dreamweaver comes with 16 templates as a starting point.  While the templates are a great place to start, it is not easy to modify them. To create websites with Dreamweaver, you must have a solid coding background as well as a good grasp of web design.

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You can download Dreamweaver templates from websites. However, they are not necessarily supported or endorsed by Adobe. You may not be able to contact you if you have any problems with your template.

Simple to Use or Features

WordPress acquire for serviceability- from a novice to an complex user. Dreamweaver allows you to see your code as it changes in real-time. This is not a drag-and-drop system.

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Users must have some coding experience. Adobe offers tutorials and how to use them, but it still requires a steep learning curve. Adobe is not intuitive, even if you are familiar with it.


Dreamweaver does not have any built-in SEO integrations and other features such as a comments section or eCommerce capabilities.

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All websites  would need to be made from scratch . WordPress was easier and simpler to utilize than WordPress. I think many people will love. The interface is simple to understand and clearly labels.


It’s important to remember that WordPress is not a drag-and-drop site creator. Although it’s simpler than Dreamweaver, WordPress has a steep learning curve. WordPress can be customized just like Dreamweaver if you are familiar with HTML and CSS.

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Apps & Add-ons

Both extensions and plugins are available, but WordPress offers more.

Dreamweaver offers two types of add-ons: App Integrations, which are primarily focused on Adobe software, and Extensions. WordPress’s plugin library is vastly more extensive than Dreamwear.

Dreamweaver offers a smaller selection. These add-ons can be more challenging to use than WordPress’s plugins and are not intuitive for novice website designers.

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WordPress offers a vast plugin library that includes almost all the tools you need to integrate WordPress with your site. These include SEO tools, ecommerce tools and restaurant menu tools.

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Adobe doesn’t have the same number of plugins that WordPress has. There is a variety of plugins for all types of sites. These plugins are almost all third-party plugins. This is why WordPress offers such a wide range.

Pricing and plans

Dreamweaver’s expensive subscription worth it? Dreamweaver offers a one-week free trial. You will be charged a monthly subscription fee to use Dreamweaver after the trial ends.

You can either add the Adobe subscription to your current plan, or you can pay for an entire year. Although it is more affordable in the long term, it will still be expensive.

WordPress offers four plans, plus a free plan. The free plan gives you 3GB of storage and a branded URL. However, you cannot use plugins or create custom WordPress themes. Each plan tier has more flexibility, but the price will go up.


Even if you are familiar with Adobe Suite, Dreamweaver can be more expensive than WordPress.

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The full-year subscription to Dreamweaver costs the same price as WordPress’s second most expensive plan but offers no functional benefits such as SEO tools or plugins.



WordPress has an extensive network of community and employee support. Adobe offers user-friendly and straightforward to find chat support via its website.

It uses AI to determine what issue you have before connecting you to a customer support agent (if needed).

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They do offer a 24-hour phone number for urgent assistance. However, I have found that Adobe customer service is very responsive, even when the answers are not the most helpful.

WordPress, like Adobe, has an AI chat that can be used to answer basic questions before you reach a customer support rep.

WordPress website support by taking every possible step to answer your questions in the help chat or FAQ. When you click “Contact Us,” it is a submission to our community boards and not our customer support chat.

Here are the Top Reasons WordPress Wins

When building a new website, which one should I choose? Although it’s difficult to compare them because they aren’t exactly the same, There is still an argument to consider them: You want to create a website.

In the time it took to learn to code Dreamweaver’s specific pages or features, you could have set up a WordPress website that is fully functional and self-hosted.

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It is also worth noting WordPress is on our top-ranked web builders list – and for good reasons.

Dreamweaver may be a better option if you are passionate about web design (from scratch).


Frequently Ask Question

Which is more inexpensive, Dreamweaver or WordPress?
Dreamweaver offers a free trial, but WordPress offers a free plan that won’t expire. You can also take advantage of WordPress coupons and deals if you decide to upgrade to access eCommerce features.

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Which is easier, Dreamweaver OR WordPress?
WordPress’s simple dashboard makes it easy to use. It is excellent for anyone, from beginners to experts in website building. Our expert review will help you learn more about how WordPress works.

What is the best website builder?
It all depends on your creativity. Dreamweaver is the right tool for you if you want complete control over your site (and can learn HTML and CSS).

WordPress is the better choice if you required to simply  make  a professional-looking site.

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