Cloudflare Web Application Firewall.

Last updated on December 1st, 2021 at 10:02 pm

Cloudflare is often the first company to come to mind when people think of a CDN (content delivery system). They also provide essential services that many people do not realize.

How Cloudflare Works

cloudflare waf

Cloudflare uses an extensive network of distributed domain servers to provide CDN, reverse proxy services between your browser and your server, and many other purposes. However, I am not here to provide details about all of the Cloudflare services.

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Cloudflare’s Firewall protection is what I am here to inform you. Also known as the Cloudflare Web Application Firewall, (WAF). Cloudflare Web Application Firewall can filter specific web applications’ content.

Traditional firewalls are merely a safety barrier between servers. A WAF inspects HTTP traffic to identify security flaws and prevents attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting. .

Check out this list of features

DDoS protection

DDoS attacks are when multiple sources attempt to flood your server with multiple files.  DDoS attacks can cause your server to be denied of service or slow down. 

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Cloudflare protects you website from DDoS attacks. Cloudflare handles the load spikes and takes over your server. Cloudflare WAF monitors and blocks traffic to web applications.

Monitors, Blocks and Traffic filters

Cloudflare WAF monitors and blocks traffic to web applications.. It analyzes bidirectional web-based traffic (HTTP), detecting and blocking any malicious.

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Cloudflare blocks malicious traffic by using its OWASP ModSecurity parameters. OWASP is the industry standard.

Protect User Data in-Browser

page shield

Protect your website visitors against script-based attacks, data theft, and other malicious code. Cloudflare Page Shield allows you to monitor Javascript dependencies in your applications for suspicious activity. It also protects your visitors against Magecart-style attacks.

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Page Shield detects possible attack vectors via third-party scripts and protects user information from being sold or used for identity theft.

Page Shield uses Script Monitor to track your JavaScript dependencies. App owners can check if they are expected changes by triggering alerts for new JavaScript dependencies.

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To prevent data leakage, protect your APIs

api security

Cloudflare API Shield provides protection for your APIs with strong client certificates-based identities and strict schema-based validation

Protect sensitive data from being exposed by excluding all traffic permanently. Cloudflare handles the certificates for you and allows you to embed client certificates in mobile apps and IoT devices. One-click allows you to revoke client-side certificates.

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Protect your origin from malicious payloads or invalid requests to stop data leakage.  Upload an OpenAPI schema to create a positive security model that will be used by the Firewall. Every request will be compared against your API definition. Requests that are not in compliance will be blocked.

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Stop malicious IPs abusing your APIs. Cloudflare’s vast threat intelligence scale can be leveraged with a managed IP List that includes IP addresses of open SOCKS or HTTP Proxies.

Rate limiting is a way to stop malicious actors from abusing your application and origin.

Click, Deploy and Protect

click deploy

Cloudflare’s WAF provides protection against malicious attacks, including SQLi and XSS. Simply turn on the OWASP core ruleet. Cloudflare’s Managed Ruleset can be toggled to protect against zero-day and new vulnerabilities quickly.

Cloudflare’s Managed Rulesets keep you protected against new attack vectors quickly as the vulnerability landscape is constantly changing.

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You can also create your own Firewall Rules using attributes such as user-agent and path, country, query strings, IP address, or other parameters. Simulator mode allows you to quickly test and deploy your new rules before you actually deploy them live.

All your apps are protected with one integrated solution.

integrated solution

Cloudflare’s WAF integrates seamlessly with our security products, including DDoS and Bot Management.

The modern approach offers a single security solution that protects all your apps regardless of their location: private cloud, on-prem, and public clouds.

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Cloudflare’s WAF integrates with third-party systems and tools. By integrating the API to third-party SIEMs, internal alarm systems, vulnerability scanners, and other alerting systems, you can programmatically create rules to block potential threats in real-time.

A Word Wide network of  learning is built

built in network

Legacy web application firewalls can’t draw on collective intelligence from multiple properties. Instead, customers must create rulesets, which can be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and complex.

Cloudflare has a network that spans 200 cities worldwide and handles 25 million HTTP requests per hour on average. This scale allows for unique intelligence, which enables high accuracy with low false positives.

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Cloudflare’s Managed Rulesets provide enhanced protection through continuous analysis of signature-based and IP reputation.

Cloudflare engineers continuously improve Managed Rulesets to deliver new features that protect your Internet properties.

Cloudflare Web Application Firewall: Why should you invest?

Cloudflare Pro is the most affordable plan and comes with the WAF. It also includes 20 Page Rules, which I believe is more than enough.

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It is not a good idea to leave your website/web app open to hackers. To protect your website/web app, you can simply do a Google search.

Many texts will show you how to set up firewalls. You will also learn how to implement OWASP standards and other similar topics.

Answer these questions, and if you can answer YES to even one, then the Cloudflare Web Application Firewall was made for you.

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Are you Sure you’ll ever spend money on CDN. If you answered yes, any CDN paid costs approximately the same as the Cloudflare Premium Plan.

It would give up its reverse proxy or server? Note: 300 GB per second attacks. Please see the following!

Are you valuing your customers’ data and that of your website enough?


Cloudflare offers three Cloudflare plans that offer protection against the Cloudflare Web Application Firewall. The Pro plan, which includes 20 Page Rules, is my favorite.

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It provides protection for over 90% of websites. You do not need to spend too much unless you have sensitive information stored on your servers. The PRO plan will meet all your requirements and protect you against all external threats.

Online merchants: Installing aSSL certificate is not enough if you have an online shop. Also, you must comply with PCI compliance by performing an application vulnerability security assessment on your website app.

Cloudflare also ensures PCI compliance. It’s straightforward, and it saves you a lot!

Is it worth it

It is.  Hiring a Network Security Analyst to install firewalls for your server is more expensive. Instead of paying much money, you can get industry experts protection for a fraction of the cost.

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Cloudflare WAF is included in the pro plan, and its credibility is enough to convince you to get it. You will also get faster CDN and advanced DDoS protection from them.

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