10 Best Cloudflare Alternatives for Your Website in 2021.

Last updated on March 25th, 2022 at 02:18 pm

Cloudflare is among the most renowned Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) worldwide. It offers the entire range of cloud-based services for site owners as well as administrators of networks.

It comprises a SSL offloading, reverse proxy servers, automated caching and distributed DNS service.

But, regardless of whether it’s because of the numerous outages that the service experiences regularly or the numerous criticisms made against the company’s affiliation with hate-speech sites and forums, no one is blaming you if you’re searching for alternatives.

Then, here are the 10 best Cloudflare alternatives to try 2021.

Best Cloudflare Alternatives in 2021

Cloudflare is among the limited CDN providers that provide an extensive, free CDN service to its customers. The most significant benefit is the fact that users don’t have to spend a cent on it. No matter how much traffic your site generates, it is possible to use Cloudflare at no cost.

It isn’t easy to beat. While the free plan can improve performance in some situations, it doesn’t provide WAF security, making your website vulnerable to targeted attacks such as DDoS spam and bots.

A-Pro Plan (\$20 monthly) includes the website application firewall but does not includes the latest DDoS mitigation or customized SSL. To get those features, you’ll need the Business plan, which is $ 200 per month. It’s not something anyone can afford.

Furthermore, Cloudflare has come under criticism for not accommodating U.S. law enforcement agencies providing details about its customers to government agencies whenever they require the information.

If you’ve ever considered switching to a different CDN service, whether due to Cloudfare’s pricing policies or due to its inability to protect user information and other information, check out our top choices of CDN similar to Cloudflare that you could use on your site.



Akamai is among the most popular and well-known cloud services and CDNs around the globe. In reality, it is believed to provide up to 30 % of all internet traffic.

It’s offers top-of-the-line security against DDoS attacks, feature-rich, robust and and other threats. This Prolexic PLXedge technology delivers 2.3 Tbps bandwidth dedicated to DDoS absorption, so your website is protected.

Akamai also provides value-added products. One of these services can be described as “Kona Site Defender”, which can assist companies in transferring security surveillance and threat prevention to Akamai.

It’s completely customizable and lets users monitor everything in real-time and then make adjustments.

There are some problems here too. The first is that Akamai’s size means it cannot modify its policies in a hurry, unlike its smaller and more flexible competitors. Akamai is also among the more costly CDN provider.

In contrast to Cloudflare, however, Akamai does not offer a free tier. However, if the price is not an issue, it is among the most advanced Cloudflare alternatives that you can choose from.

Key Features:

  • Optimize content delivery speeds
  • One of the top CDN that can be used for DDoS defence and mitigation
  • Kona Site Defender Service is perfect for business who want to threat mitigation and outsource security.

Take a look at Akamai (Price available upon request)



Formerly named Incapsula, Imperva is a cloud-based security system for websites and blogs. It also offers DDoS protection as well as fail over services and load balance.

One of the most impressive features of the platform is its bot recognition engine which minimizes false positives when it comes to some of the more sophisticated level 7 attacks.

Those who aren’t aware, the attackers of layer seven typically attack specific sections of websites, making the malicious traffic challenging to identify.

Imperva is also equipped with an addition cover of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) security designed to guard subnet infrastructures, such as email and FTP.

Like Cloudfront, it also provides the free tier; however, you’ll have to pay for WAF or DDoS protection.

Imperva has one of the most interesting attributes which is full fledged script language, name is IncapRules. This feature would allow users to have complete control over security policies.

According to Imperva, IncapRules allows access to a wide range of tools that analyze crucial details about the traffic coming in, such as headers, types of clients and location, and access rates.

Additionally, Imperva has dozens of data centres with its “Behemoth” machines that can manage 170 Gb of data at a time and process as much as 100 million packets every second.

Imperva is now offering its apps and data features as different services, and you can check the plans of Imperva here.

Key Features:

  • Provides failover services, DDoS protection and load balancing.
  • Bot-recognition engine defends the system from Layer 7 attacks.
  • Distributed denial-of-service threats for subnet infrastructures, like email and FTP.
  • Provides “IncapRules” scripting language for complete management of security policy

Take a look at Imperva (Free plan data and App features are available on a separate basis)

Amazon CloudFront

amazon cloudfront

CloudFront has been a leader in the field. It a part of Amazon’s huge AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform . However, it is much more expensive than most of the other services on the list, especially If you’re looking for all whistles and bells.

CloudFront can provide all kinds of web-based content that are static, dynamic or streaming. CloudFront is also an exemplary GUI for managing its console. Users can also add customized SSL and also provide wildcard support for cName.

One of the main stunning feature that the application provide is dynamic scaling.

It automatically allocates more resources to hardware to deal with the spikes in traffic to websites without intervention from the user, which makes it among the most effective ways to protect yourself from DDoS attacks.

Although Amazon CloudFront is widely regarded as one of the most reliable and most trusted CDN service providers available, there are a few concerns that customers need to be aware of. For starters, specific options are too simplistic for sysadmins.

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As such, you’ll have to manually activate Stackoverflow to find the essential aspects, such as the length of time objects stay before they are ejected. Overall, CloudFront may not be an ideal CDN solution, but it is one of the most effective free Cloudflare alternatives.

Key Features:

  • Can deliver dynamic, static, or streaming content.
  • Friendly UI.
  • Supports the creation of custom SSL with wildcard cName.
  • Dynamic scaling is a way to cope with the peaks in web traffic.
  • The most reliable CDN available.

Take a look at Amazon CloudFront (Free Level, Prices for premium tiers is based on volume and region)



Stackpath was built upon the free MaxCDN platform, which the company acquired in the year 2016. The content delivery service includes an integrated firewall for web applications and an API that is fully documented.

The service is available with immediate configuration updates, rapid purging of data in real-time, and a live origin shield.

StackPath comes with integrated analytics and reporting capabilities and comprehensive standard policies you can manage via the portal. Additionally, it provides a RESTful API, as well as Serverless scripting.

Additionally, the pricing structure is easy to understand and affordable, with prices ranging from $15 per month to Enterprise plans, negotiated by calling the sales team. All plans include SSL, WAF and DDoS security.

A CDN service provider is known as Highwinds. While StackPath has customers from all over the world, it primarily concentrates on the North American and European markets; however, a few POPs expand over Singapore, Japan,  Hong Kong, Brazil and Australia.

The business has spread early in last few years and has acquired a location in Florida. Overall, the company is a fantastic CDN service at an affordable price. If you’re in search of an affordable CDN similar to Cloudflare, this is a must-have.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Instant purge and immediate configuration updates.
  • Offers RESTful API and Serverless Scripting

Take a look at StackPath (Pricing is as low as just $15 per month)



Fastly was established in 2011 and is already an established brand to reckon with in the business.

It provides various services, including instant configuration updates, immediate purging, the capability to store dynamic content in a cache, real-time log streaming and analytics, and protection from traffic spikes.

It also supports stream content, a private CDN and the Web Application Firewall, Image Optimizer and Load Balancer. It also includes the “real-time CDN” feature that permits changes to be made immediately.

Fastly’s the web application and API security safeguards your website from Account takeover (ATO), bots, business logic attacks, OWASP injection attacks, and many more.

Additionally, it provides additional features that can be used to improve the performance of your website by using cloud optimizer, HIPAA-compliant caching, deliver, and much more.

Fastly offers instant pricing determined by the total quantity of requests and volume of data transfers. It also permits customers to try out the service for up to $50 complimentary, with no long-term commitment.

But, you can choose to purchase more reliable plans by selecting the Essential, Professional, and Enterprise packages. Fastly also offers extensive documentation available to the public and API reference to all of its clients.

Key Features:

  • Quick purging and instant configuration updates, and much more.
  • Private CDN and Real-time CDN.
  • Protects against account takeovers, Business Logic Attacks, OWASP and much more.

Take a look at Fastly (Free trial, don’t hesitate to get in touch with sales to inquire about pricing)



We’ll then examine an organization similar to Cloudflare, which offers protection from malicious attacks and code injections, but unlike its more famous counterpart, it doesn’t provide CDN services.

If you’re on Cloudflare’s free plan and seek cheap but reliable protection against targeted attacks, This is the one you must examine.

Sucuri is a platform-independent cloud services provider who helps protect your website regardless of whether you’re running a WordPress blog or an eCommerce site like Magento or a forum hosted by phpBB.

Sucuri also supports open-source CMS platforms, such as Drupal, Joomla and v Bulletin, and Microsoft’s .Net Framework.

The service provides the Website Application Firewall (WAF) and loads balancing with the name CloudProxy.

Sucuri also prevents DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and XSS JavaScript hacks and allows its customers to make customized SSL certificates in conjunction with their more expensive plans.

Sucuri also offers monitoring of websites malware scanning, DDoS protection and removal services. Contrary to Cloudflare, Sucuri doe not  provide no cost program. Still, the basic plan is considerably cheaper than Cloudflare’s Pro plans.

It includes complete monitoring of websites and firewalls for website applications reputation monitoring,   the free LetsEncrypt SSL certification and DDoS protection and malware removal,

Key Features:

  • Platform-agnostic.
  • WAF.
  • Protection against DDoS, SQL injections, XSS, etc.
  • Free LetsEncrypt SSL.

Take a look at Sucuri (Pricing begin at $199.99/year)



If Sucuri isn’t your cup of tea, Reblaze is the ideal choice for Sucuri. It’s an Israeli company with locations in the U.K. and the U.S. and claims to have protected numerous “high-profile clients” from an array of threats such as SQL injection, XSS and DDoS.

It also claims that it can protect its customers from platform-specific zero-day security vulnerabilities.

The service allows users to block traffic from certain cities, countries or anonymizer networks. Reblaze additionally shields its clients from cyber-attacks because all of their traffic is routed through Reblaze’s encrypted Security Gateways with dynamic DNS allocation.

It also employs “Elastic load Balancing” in order to distribute the increased traffic through its global network of Security Gateways. This helps to alleviate stress on bandwidth providers and local ISPs. .

Reblaze claims it effectively reduces DDoS attacks by first detecting and isolating the malicious traffic and later increasing its bandwidth usage to handle massive requests.

Reblaze also claims to employ “next-generation human and bot identification algorithms” to recognize advanced scraper bots powered by full-stack browsers.

Key Features:

  • One of the most effective for security against zero-day attacks.
  • Flexible load balancing to reduce traffic spikes.
  • Excellent at bot detection to safeguard web pages from bots and scrapers.

Take a look at Reblaze (Price available upon request)



If a highly rated CDN service with affordable prices is what you’re searching to find, CDN77 could easily fit to meet your requirements.

With 70+ Tbps across the global network that has PoPs across six continents, it’s all the bases covered in managing massive volumes of traffic as well as sudden spikes.

In terms of speed, the CDN77 can rival Cloudflare’s capability to handle significant traffic.

Based on advanced routing systems, CDN77 optimizes network routing every day with the latest information from live-time inspection of packets and an AI-based aberration detection system.

However, CDN77 is considered up to the job on the DDoS security and protection aspect due to its automatic detection and blocking system. It has a unique Hurricane DDoS solution based on DPDK that helps track traffic, keep an eye on attacks, and quickly block them.

The robust content protection paired with various access control features like TLS 1.3 secured tokens, GEO/IP block and hotlink security makes it very effective.

However, what makes it stand out from several competitors is the seamless integration to your business utilizing a stable API.

All things considered, CDN77 can easily make its claim to be the most affordable Cloudflare alternatives on the market today.

Key Features:

  • Cost-effective and highly efficient.
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence-based technology to detect aberrations.
  • Automatic detection and blockage of DDoS attacks using Hurricane DDoS solution

Take a look at CDN77 (14-day trial at no cost and a 6TB traffic plan priced at $199 per month)

Microsoft Azure

microsoft azure

If top-of-the-line performance is high on your list of priorities, you must keep Microsoft’s offerings in your mind.

When it comes to providing high-bandwidth content, only a handful of providers such as Cloudflare can match the capabilities available from Microsoft Azure.

One of the main advantages of this network is its ability to store static content with the aid of the nearest location (POP). It also excels at accelerating dynamic range through the use of several networks and effective routing optimizations.

Another area in which Microsoft Azure is quite effective is the large scale utilized when dealing with rapid high loads. If you’re hosting a significant event, the large scale guarantees that high-speed traffic will not cause a disruption to your website.

Azure is on par with Cloudflare (if not superior) in terms of the ability to customize. Also, based on the best option for your site, you can adjust this CDN service to produce the desired results.

Additionally, it lets you build customized mobile experiences by using Azure Cosmos DB, Xamarin, HockeyApp, and the intelligent traffic manager.

Key Features:

  • One of the top solutions for handling content with high bandwidth.
  • Great at scaling to manage rapid, high load demands.
  • Provides Azure Cosmos DB, Xamarin, HockeyApp and more for creating mobile-specific experiences

Take a look at Microsoft Azure (12 months free Plan stars starting at $13/month)



Another reputable CDN service to look into is KeyCDN. While it’s not as flexible as Cloudflare or as effective as Azure, it’s built to provide a more direct experience. If you’re finding it challenging to use Cloudflare and Azure, this could be the perfect alternative.

The CDN service has been optimized to the highest level of hardware that plays a crucial function in delivering content at an increased speed while ensuring all the typical and unanticipated bottlenecks are taken care of.

The use of IP anycast and latency-based routing technology provides content with ease across the globe.

The key is getting a customized experience. In this respect, KeyCDN is a touch more effective than Cloudflare. Thus, you can customize the necessary components, then integrate them into any CMS or custom program to achieve the desired outcome.

One of my top aspects that comes with this CDN service is improved zone management. It means that you can edit, add, or remove zones to increase efficiency.

KeyCDN also provides an easy method of optimizing images without degrading the quality. Additionally, there are real-time reports which give greater insight into areas that require special attention.

Key Features:

  • Provides an easy experience.
  • More customization options than Cloudflare.
  • Real-time reports that pinpoint problem areas immediately

Take a look at KeyCDN (a 14-day trial for free plans start at $4/month)

Best Cloudflare Alternatives for Different Use-cases

If you’re looking for the most suitable CDN similar to Cloudflare to meet a specific need, This is a detailed overview of which Cloudflare rivals are best suited to meet different requirements.

Best Free Cloudflare Alternative

Amazon CloudFront and Imperva

Best Cloudflare Competitor for DDoS Protection


Most Trustworthy CDN similar to Cloudflare

Amazon CloudFront

Best for Real-time CDN Changes


Best for Protection Against Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Attacks


Most Suited for High Bandwidth Content

Microsoft Azure

Best for Recovering Hacked Website


Easy to Use CDN Service


Cloudflare Alternatives: Best CDN Services You Can Use Right Now

As with cloud storage services, CDN services are also available in many forms and picking one could be some issue. With major players such as Microsoft joining the game by offering Azure CDN offerings, the market is becoming more competitive.

Even though we’ve seen a level of consolidation within the sector in recent times, It will be interesting to observe whether an imminent shakeup could be near the next corner.

Yet, in this crowded market with many companies competing to grab our attention, it will always be the few services available. Particularly for experienced web admins and sysadmins who know the features they’d like to have and which are unnecessary.

Do you use any of these services for your website or blog? Or are you aware of other CDN services such as Cloudflare that you believe should be included on the list? If so, we would love to hear from you by submitting your ideas in the comments below.

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