How to change your Google Chrome theme or create Own Customized Theme for Personal Experience?.

Last updated on April 4th, 2022 at 08:58 pm

To make Google Chrome more personal and enjoyable, you can change the Google theme.

The Chrome Web Store allows you to choose from thousands of themes. And, despite the name “store”, most themes are completely free.

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You can also make your own customized Google theme with a third-party app and an image from your computer. Your Google Chrome theme would be connected to your account, not your desktop.

Therefore, your theme will appear whenever you sign in to your account from any device.

A theme for your Google account is not necessary. These will not affect how you use your browser, or how you interact Google Docs,Gmail, or any other services Google provides.

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This logic means that there is no need for the Louvre, jazz music or “The Godfather Part I” or “Part II”.  There are many things you can do to make your life more enjoyable, but they don’t have any utilitarian purpose.

While a Google theme won’t make your browser more responsive or answer your work emails, a nice bit of scenery can make your day a little more enjoyable.

How to change the Google Chrome theme

1 # Log in to your Google account using the Google Chrome browser.

2 # Select the more settings at the upper right nook. Next, click Appearance then Themes. You can also visit the Chrome web store.


3 # Click on the theme you like and navigate by the accessible themes. 


You can download hundreds of themes from the Google Chrome Web Store

4 #Select blue button that reads  Add to Google Chrome. After you have opened the page with the theme you wish, click “Add To Chrome.” That’s all.

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The theme is now added. You can either change your existing theme or add a new one.

To get the theme to appear, you may need to close all Chrome browser windows and reopen Chrome.

How to Create a Google Chrome Custom Theme

1 #Open Google Chrome to log in at your Google Account.

2 #Navigate to ThemeBeta.

3 # You will find a numbering list on the menu that lists the steps required to create a new theme. Give the theme a name.


Before you start working on your theme, name it.

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4 # Select a photo from your computer and click “Upload an image”. The preview pane should show the image.

upload image

5 # To configure the image, use the controls in the preview pane. Zoom in and out to make the picture larger or smaller, repeat the image, and many other options.


6 #Click “Generate colors” in the numbered list. This will allow you to edit the menus and toolbars of the theme to match the files that have been uploaded.

generate color

7 # These menus allow you to modify every aspect of your theme, right down to the color text in your tabs. You can change the color of an item by clicking on it and it will be highlighted in bright red.

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8 # Once you are satisfied, click “Package and Install”. You would be in position to download the file with your modified theme.

pack and install

9 # Google Chrome might be suspicious about the theme file and ask you if it is safe to keep. Click “Keep.”

10 # Navigate to the folder where the theme was downloaded. To do this, right-click on the file in Chrome’s Download Bar and click on Show In File Finder or Show In Folder.

show file

11 # Click the URL bar in Chrome and type “chrome://extensions/”.

12 # Toggle the “Developer Mode” switch in the top-right corner. The white circle will appear to the right.

13 # Drag and drop the theme folder from your folder onto this web page.

14 # You would be asked if you will prefer to “Add ‘” Click “Add theme.”

15 # You can change the colors of your menu bars to match what you have set.

Now your customized theme has been installed.

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