Best WordPress Weather Widget in 2021.

Last updated on December 1st, 2021 at 09:28 pm

WordPress is the extremely flexible and functional content management systems. Many brands rely on WordPress to provide important information for their communities, such as traffic news, local events, and weather.

The latter can prove to be the extremely tough. Traffic news and local events are easily updated whenever needed.

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Weather can change so often that it could prove to be a full-time job for site owners to keep this information up-to-date. Therefore, it is important to use one of the few WordPress Weather plugins online to manage this important content.

What Can A WordPress Weather Widget Plugin Do?

Any of the available weather plugins has one main advantage: you can save time and pay a low price. It doesn’t take long to update the weather information online. Apps that provide weather information can help make your site much suitable to users. If you’re a local brand, it can also be a great way to get people to visit your website regularly.

What are the top WordPress weather plugins?

This is our list of the best free and premium plugins on the market in 2021.


wp -forecast

If it displays outdated or incorrect weather information, a weather app is ineffective. Your site users need to be able to look at it and feel confident in its content. Accuweather and WeatherBug are great sources of information.

WP Forecast is a weather plugin in WordPress. It can gather information from these sources and display it on your website for free. This plugin is packaged with exceptional attributes, such as localization customization and availability. You can also find the plugin in more than 12 languages. It is easy to use.

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The user experience is excellent. Since the last page refresh, the time is correctly displayed. You can also view the forecasted weather for seven days or up to nine nights.

The plugins forum offers some support, despite being completely free.


  • To personalize their experience, users can choose their location.
  • This plugin is free and provides up-to-date information about the local weather.
  • This plugin is easy to utilize, even for those who does not have technical knowledge.
  • It is compatible with popular plugins like BuddyPress, WooCommerce and many others.

Weather Underground – Weather WordPress Widget

weather underground

This free WordPress weather plugin is made by the Weather Underground team. It uses the official API to gather and display the required information. The widget can be placed in any area of the sidebar or footer. The software retrieves weather information based on the location of the visitor once it is live.

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  • A free app that adds weather features to your website.
    Responsive design so that it displays on all devices perfectly.
  • This site was make by the common group that owns it.
  • Limited functionality in comparison to other plugins.
  • This plugin has not been updated in a while.

Simple Weather Plugin

simple wather

CodeCanyon’s premium product is among of the finest weather plugins in WordPress. You can customize it with many options, which will allow you to create a unique website design without having to learn coding.

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OpenWeatherMap integration is supported, and the plugin can display forecasts for the next seven days. People can access their weather forecasts in three different ways. They can search by IP address, GPS or even using a search option. This plugin can be customized with your API form.


  • You can be more original with the custom date and temperature formats.
  • You can use a shortcode for it to be set every where on your website.
  • It is present in different languages across the world.
  • You may get dedicated support when you require it.

Astero WordPress Weather Plugin

astero wordpress weather plugin

It includes all the features you’d expect from a weather plugin. It is simple and clean and may be exhibit in a different of styles and sizes. There are also great customization options like the assistance for above 600 Google custom  fonts. It is completely display well and responsive on all devices.

The Astero WordPress Weather plugin allows you to use video as your background or keep a static image.

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There are two excellent and very accurate options for weather sources. Users can also use the built-in zip code search function for the weather reports that they are looking for.


  • You can choose between full-screen and simple modes.
  • You can use unlimited colors.
  • You can use video or image backgrounds to create interesting designs.
  • Simple and clean plugin to meet your website’s needs.

Weather for Visual Composer

weather for visual composer

This plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate with WPBakery if you use it for design purposes. This plugin features a modern design that can be easily create the perfect design. It will not only provide basic weather information to your website, but it will also look elegant.

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This plugin supports 17 languages. You can also change the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit which you want to  exhibited as your preference. Your users can quickly access the local weather and have it displayed. It is easy to add the element to your website. You don’t need any code.

For those who don’t use WPBakery, there is a standalone version.


  • Supports 17 languages
  • Compatible with many top-end plugins
  • You can change the way that temperature is displayed.
  • Rapid fetching of the most recent weather information for your customers
  • There are many support options, both free and paid.

Always Sunny Plugin

always sunny

The Always Sunny plugin is a great option if you need detailed weather reports for WordPress. The Always Sunny Plugin provides a variety of data and many implementation options to your website so that your visitors have the most current and detailed information.

You have two options to add plugin details to your website. You can insert the widget into any footer or sidebar. The embedded shortcode can be added to any area of the website’s design.

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You can display more than just weather information like temperatures and weather patterns. It is a great plugin that businesses such as outdoor leisure centers and tourist centers can use.


  • Responsive websites can be integrated into your website in many ways.
  • Businesses that require more than temperature and general weather patterns are well served.
  • You can add style to your website with great-looking designs.
  • It is quickest to install and utilize.

aWeather Forecast

aweather forecast

The aWeather forecast plugin can add a touch of style to your website’s weather display. There are a variety of animated headers and icons that will add some life to your website’s weather forecasting. you can customized the screen to match your branding.

Another WordPress plugin offers a many knowledge. It can display details such as wind speed, wind direction and pressure.

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Temperatures can also be displayed as Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin. There are over 700 Google fonts available.


  • Animations to bring life to your weather forecasting.
  • Many customization options are available to match your existing website’s branding.
  • Great coding won’t slow down websites.
  • Accurate and detailed weather reports with lots of information.

Location Weather

location weather

This plugin is a great WordPress weather widget plugin and has the best coding. This plugin will make your website more appealing than it is now, and it will display well on all devices and screen sizes.

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It’s lightweight and minimalist, so your website will not be hampered. Premium features include auto-location for weather reports and the ability to hide current wind speed.


  • Amazing weather plugin for your site in WordPress.
  • It will seamlessly fit into your existing design.
  • You can customize your location to detect it for weather reports automatically.
  • Website speed won’t be affected by lightweight.

Weather Atlas Widget

weather atlas widget

This Weather app for WordPress is unique. Its intuitive design allows for real-time fetching and display of weather forecasts. You have many customization options to match the appearance of the weather functions on the site with your branding.

The interface would permits the visitors to look the present weather  prerequisite and  protracted forecasts.

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It’s easy to install the interface on your website. Once you set up the plugin you required to copy and paste shortcode at widget.

This WordPress Weather plugin is unique because there are no restrictions on the country it can be used in. The above plugin is accessible to its visitors all over the globe. It supports many languages, including English, Spanish and Chinese.

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This WordPress app also allows you to change the background color. It can be set to adjust according to the temperature. You can set the text color to automatically change in order to make it stand out from the background. You can also choose your background color.


  • An app that is free and offers a lot of functionality.
  • This app is very interesting to interact with because it offers color options for temperature.
  • Many languages supported
  • Can provide current and long-term weather forecasts, not only for the USA.

Final thoughts on the Top WordPress Weather Widget

Your website should have a weather function. You will be different from everyone else.  An excellent weather app will help you stand out among the crowd. This will provide your visitors with the information they need and assist  them to create informed decisions.

There are more choices for you to select from on your site. There is sure to be a weather app that you like.

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