Best WordPress Ebook Plugins in 2021.

Last updated on November 28th, 2021 at 09:04 pm

Today, writers create their own websites to promote their work and not share the profits. They use Ebook WordPress plugins to do all of this. These plugins allow them to sell books online in either e-form or printed form.

How do they work?

These plugins allow you to create your WordPress site appear more like a web bookstore. This bookstore may integrate PayPal and WooCommerce, as well as other functionalities.

The plugin allows the user to organize all data in their online library. You can also use it to create magazines, books, and brochures in PDF format. It makes it more appealing to buyers.

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Below are the top Ebook WordPress plugins. Let’s take a look at them.

1 # Magalone Flipbook for WordPress

magalone flipbook

The Magalone Flipbook WordPress plugin is unique in that it is completely independent of libraries such as Bootstrap and jQuery. This plugin allows you to create beautiful books, magazines, and slideshows with PDF documents.

It also has a low bandwidth range and can integrate with all types of screens.


  • This plugin allows us to select any PDF file and convert it into an attractive, beautiful flipbook.
  • Programming is not required.
  • It allows you to view PDF in any format and any screen.
    You can also use slideshows.
  • It can be customized and works with low bandwidth, making it even more popular.


This plugin costs only $33 and includes six months of a regular license. It will save you $14 if we extend the license for 12 months.

2 # DK PDF Generator

dk pdf generator

The Ebook WordPress plugin permit you to make article and help with product documentation. You can select from  pages or posts, include custom pages, to copy article. This unique feature is what has made this plugin so popular.


  • It only differs from other versions in that you can choose from any post or page, including custom pages.
  • It allows you to create a PDF file and add cover and content tables with interactive links.


This Ebook WordPress plugin costs only $19 and includes six months of regular licensing. It will save you $7.50 if we increase the permit for 12 months.

3 # Bookomatic Google Books Automatic Post Generator Plugin


This “Automatic Blogging System,” which creates ebooks and blogs using Google contents, is called an “Automatic Blogging System.” Your books and PDFs will always be fresh because it uses Google content.


  • This function generates random sentences for your articles and gives them uniqueness.
  • It also includes a text synonymized function that generates articles randomly.
  • According to your needs, it has an integrated feature that allows you to convert written data into any language.
  • This plugin will allow you to continue your work without any difficulties.


This Ebook WordPress plugin costs only \$21 and includes six months of regular licensing. It will save you $ 15 if you extend it for 12 more months.

4 # Paid Downloads Pro Ebook WordPress plugin

paid downloads

The Paid Downloads Pro WordPress plugin is one of Codecanyon’s most popular items. This plugin allows you to make digital content such as music and ebooks. After payment is received, it automatically delivers digital content.

The Ebook WordPress plugin is simple to install, activate, and use.


  • It offers multiple payment options to accept payments, such as Moneybookers and Paypal.
  • This plugin will generate an encrypted or temporary download link, which will be valid for a short time.
  • You can interpret above plugin to anyone  language, so you don’t need to worry about languages.
  • You can insert a shortcode as per your requirements.


This Ebook WordPress plugin costs only \$22 for a regular license. The extended license costs $110

5 # Ebook Store

ebook store

Ebook store plugin ranks among the top Ebook WordPress plugins. It is flexible and easy to use, making it well liked alternative among its users.

You can also access the online reading option for PDF ebooks. It also supports WooCommerce and uses Stripe for payment, watermarks, and other features.


  • It uses Stripe and Paypal as payment modes.
  • It can easily preview in book and PDF files.
  • It also has the ability to deactivate copy, cut, and other modifications in PDF files made by others.
  • This plugin can operate huge size files too.
  • For any page of PDF files, QR codes and watermarking are available.


Below are the prices for the Ebook WordPress plugin. This plugin has three plan. User can use these plan according to his requirement.

  • It costs $30 for Pro users with PayPal.
  • Pro Business costs $45 and includes PayPal and Stripe uses.
  • Developers pay $99 and use Stripe and PayPal.

6 # Ebook Download Pro

ebook download pro

This Ebook WordPress Plugin permit users to download any ebook file they want. This plugin is distinct any other ebook plugins. You can do this by entering his email id, or sharing your ebook via social media. It will permit you to catch leads.


  • Allow your users to download ebooks or custom goods from the site.
  • The user must only insert his email or share the ebook via social media sites to get the file.
  • You can use pop-up windows with your form to download the book.
  • You can hide it under the sidebar widget.
  • Translate user’s words to your language


This plugin costs only $5, and you can pay via PayPal, Debit Card, or other payment methods.

7 # Ebook Downloader

ebook downloader

The Ebook Downloader plugin permit you to upload your information or your ebooks. Readers will then be able to download them. PayPal integration is available for payments. Once payment has been made, the user will be able to download the content you have posted on the site.


  • Easy payment mode available (PayPal).
  • Upload your content easily and delete them easily if necessary.


This Ebook WordPress plugin comes at no cost.

8 # FlipHTML5 WordPress Plugin


FlipHTML5 plugin allows you to create and publish interactive ebooks online using a simple but powerful online digital publishing platform. You can convert images or PDF files into ebooks.

You can share ebooks on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You may also embed ebooks on your WordPress site, which will help to improve your website’s content and  increase traffic.


  • You can use it offline and online.
  • It is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating system.
  • It has a easy and convenient interface.
  • It can convert any PDF file to an ebook.
  • Multimedia elements such as videos, audio, and text are easy to add.
  • The ebook can embedded in the WordPress site,  shared on social media, sold online, or publish online.


FlipHTML5 provide three paid versions as well as free version. Below are the prices for each of the paid versions:

The Pro version costs $12.5/month, or $149/year.
It costs $25/month for the Platinum version or $299/year.
The Enterprise version costs $83.5/month or $999/year.


These were all our reviews of the 7 Best Ebook WordPress plugins. I trust you have found the perfect plugin for your site.

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