Best Anonymous Blog Sites in 2021.

Last updated on March 29th, 2022 at 08:55 pm

Many bloggers blog to create a personal brand. While you may be able to focus your attention on privacy, you still have to link your identity with the content you post online.

Many writers seek anonymity in a politically charged world. While some bloggers can take steps to protect their privacy, others seek out the best platforms for blogging, which will keep your identity secret.

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Here is a list with the top anonymous blogging platforms.


Telegram offers a blogging platform that can be used in conjunction with its popular messaging app called Telegraph. Telegraph allows anonymous publishing and fast publishing — users don’t need to sign up or register through social media.

Medium-like user interface and easy embeds are all part of the app’s design. The built-in post editor toolbar is almost identical.

You can embed multiple images and videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Also, you can use social media snippets such as Twitter.

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Publication occurs immediately after hitting “publish”. 

Posts can be shared on social media platforms. The new instant view layout for Telegram works well, this layout is very similar to Facebook’s instant articles.

Telegraph’s simplicity and speed are not without their flaws. It is difficult to find out if someone accidentally deletes a link from a published post because there is no history. provides a simple, hassle-free platform that allows writers to publish and write their content. It provides simple features and tools that encourage basic writing.

You can either write anonymously, or create a profile and post a variety of content including blog post or detailed reports. allows the author to share their work with friends or make it public on other platforms.

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The company’s philosophy is to make digital expression more accessible for everyone, and to provide better privacy online to foster and protect creativity and collaboration. Strong ethical commitments are also part of the business. 

The founder believes everyone should have access to a safe and efficient platform for writing to share their content with passionate readers. This digital tool was created to allow writing communities to flourish and grow.

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Sign up is not required’ best feature is the fact that you don’t have to sign up or enter any personal information in order to use it. This unique tool allows you to publish, share and even create blogs without having to enter your email address. It doesn’t store your IP address so it’s completely anonymous.

Blogs for private use

Blogs are not automatically indexed on the platform and remain private by default. While you can choose to share and have your blogs index, privacy is not a requirement. is the only way to set privacy settings for your data.

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This digital writing tool is safe and privacy-oriented. You can also export your content anytime, so won’t keep it unless they want it.


A cluttered article or blog post that is cluttered with ads is the worst thing for a writer or has a minimalist interface that is completely free of ads and content marketing so you can focus on what you are creating.

It is a truly immersive publishing platform because it does not allow distractions.

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It’s possible to publish any text you have written, or hit the publish button. This is the promise of TXT.FYI.

It doesn’t track, ad tech, web fonts or analytics. Cookies, databases, user accounts and comments are not tracked. Anyone can only find out what a post is about by linking to it elsewhere.

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This is clear and concise. You can shout into the void here and know that your voice will always be there.

notepin allows anonymous blogging. You can also have an anonymous blog at your own address, which will make all your posts available to you.

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You can use it to create a custom domain or a blog. Premium subscribers can only access these features. Premium plans include additional features:

  • Email Subscriptions # Subscribe to my blog via email and get email updates whenever you post.
  • SSL Support for Custom Domains # Connect your customized domain with SSL support. 
  • SEO customization  # Edit the SEO of a post to modify how it appears in search engines.
  • Password protection # Restrict access to specific posts and your entire blog.
  • Google Analytics # Integrate Google Analytics to monitor your blog’s traffic.



Although the options discussed here offer varying levels privacy and blogger-friendly features there is no substitute for a WordPress blog.

WordPress is the finest platform to reach people who search Google. And WordPress is an excellent blogging platform due to the numerous plugins, including SEO. Would you like to have all the benefits and anonymity of WordPress?

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It’s possible, although it will require some effort.

WordPress requires that you register with an email ID. To use premium features, you’ll need to create a payment method. This compromises your anonymity.

My tests show that WordPress doesn’t blacklist disposable email sites like temp-mail. It is possible, although it can be a little difficult to set one up.

To use WordPress anonymously, you only need to register an account using a temp-mailID as your username. Next, purchase a domain name ( as well as a host.

You will need a proxy name, and you can pay anonymously with bitcoins or cryptocurrency. Because anyone can search the database to find out who is paying and obtain the address of the person, this is important.

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This restricts your audience to people who have found your URL via other sources (such as a link). WordPress blogs are Google-indexed. Your anonymous WordPress blog will receive much more traffic.



Ghost, like WordPress, isn’t marketed primarily as an anonymous blogging platform. Ghost has some of the best privacy features among all the other blogging platforms.

Ghost, like WordPress, should be considered by bloggers who wish to have a blog that is easily monetizable. You can find out more at.

Automatic SSL

Ghost’s CLI tool attempts automatically to configure SSL certificates for new Ghost installations with Let’s Encrypt as default. Ghost made SSL mandatory in 2019 for all new installations.

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Protection from brute force

All user login attempts and password reset requests are limited to five per hour per IP.

All places accept encoded tokens

All password reset and user invitation tokens are base64 encoded using a server side secret. Tokens can only be used once and never expire.


Although it can be difficult to blog anonymously, these six platforms allow bloggers to safely post with a high level of anonymity.

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