AccuWebHosting Reviews: Is This Web Hosting Legit

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AccuWebHosting has been a constant in my sights for quite some time. This provider offers enough services to grab anyone’s attention. It has a huge following of praises that it is constantly receiving.

It was high time that internet  obtain AccuWebHosting thorough review.

First, I made sure it covered the basics. Support performance and quality of Server must be perfect. You’ll have a difficult time if it doesn’t.

I checked out what the host could do for customers. The list was extensive. The host is a great fit for most users because of the number of services it offers. To help you decide if this is worth your time, I considered the main benefits and a few things to be aware of.

The results are amazing, I must say. AccuWebHosting may be the most generalist hosting company, but all plans are exceptional. Not only that, but the overall server speed is excellent and uptime is also good.

Below is a comprehensive AccuWebHosting review. I have highlighted all of the key points. Continue reading to find out how this provider performs.

What is AccuWebHosting?

AccuWebHosting was founded in 2000 as a Windows hosting company. AccuWebHosting was founded to fulfill the demand for flexible web hosts that could adapt to every customer’s needs. It added new services over time, greatly expanding its service offering.

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It still places a strong emphasis upon Windows-based plans today, and scores extremely well in our Windows hosting review. It also  provide a broad area of services and has more plans than most providers.

AccuWebHosting adheres to a friendly, hands-on approach to customer support. AccuWeb has a high rate of customer satisfaction, and this policy is working well.

It also provides a lot of information about its plans. This is refreshing considering that most hosts only highlight the best features and keep all other details hidden from potential customers.

It certainly makes a positive impression. To see how it works, I gave the provider a try.

The Basics–AccuWebHosting Uptime, Speed, and Support

The first thing to look at is speed, uptime, support. These are also highly rated by AccuWebHosting customers. Let’s find out if all these compliments are justified by the host.

AccuWebHosting Uptime–99.99%

When I sign up to a service, server uptime is the first thing I check. The server’s uptime is the time that a server has been available. Your website will also go down if the server goes down. Unreliable hosts are a reason you should avoid them.

To be considered decent, a provider must maintain a minimum of 99.9% uptime per month. This is a common belief among web hosts. If anything goes wrong, they will refund a portion of the hosting fee.

AccuWebHosting’s uptime promise is somewhat suspect. AccuWebHosting promises 99.9% uptime. If uptime falls below 99.9%, the SLA will only allow you to get a partial reimbursement. This means that the provider can experience more than seven hours of downtime per month. That’s quite a bit.

AccuWebHosting’s server availability, on the other hand, indicates almost perfect uptime. During many months of testing, there were no outages. Despite the poor SLA, the tech team does an amazing job maintaining the infrastructure.

This availability makes it easy to guarantee uptime.

AccuWebHosting’s near-impeccable server availability marks a positive start in my AccuWebHosting review.

Decent Speeds

Speed is just as important as uptime. Visitors hate a slow website. AccuWeb boasts of its fast loading times and displays the metrics on their website. Many customers also praise AccuWeb’s speed. It was amazing to see how AccuWebHosting reviews were so accurate.

AccuWebHosting was connected to speed testing tools, and I tested how fast it loaded a real website. To give an indication of the host’s long term performance, I averaged the results from several months of hosting.

Server response times average 0.192 seconds. This means that the server can respond quickly to a request and begin delivering content. This is an impressive result that demonstrates fast servers and a stack that runs like a well-oiled machine. This is second only to iPage’s lightning-fast results.

It takes a descent duration of time to load a simple web page. AccuWebHosting has an average time to fully load a web page at 0.94 seconds. This is a good result that shows you AccuWebHosting can provide quick loading times.

HostingTribunal has only tested a few hosts that can meet these benchmarks. It is easy to compare AccuWebHosting with Hostinger and other hosts in this upper-speed echelon.

AccuWebHosting’s results are impressive, and the web host is among the top five fastest providers.

Hands On Support

Support teams are the people who keep a hosting service running. Support that is efficient and responsive to customers’ needs ensures that all issues are addressed promptly.

Is AccuWebHosting Able To deliver?

To see if they could compete with the best web hosting in 2021, I reached out to the team at different times of the day and night.

The support team does a great job. They are very skilled at hosting issues and can answer any questions. They are responsive and fast.

AccuWebHosting offers an optional service that allows you to have one-on-one contact with a server administrator. This is an admin expert you can consult for advice or to configure the hosting server according to your requirements.

This is not a service that most people would use, as shared hosting offers limited flexibility and little control. It’s a great help for higher-end plans. Cloud hosting and VPS users get two hours of admin support per month free of charge. AccuWeb offers professional help at a reasonable price.

The live chat system is slow and clunky. To understand the system  It took me some time. After I figured out how to chat, the system automatically created a support ticket and connected me with an agent.

The response was automatic and said that no one was available. I went to the knowledge base, tried the chat, and was connected. The chat was again unavailable when I returned to the homepage.

Despite the problems, however, the AccuWebHosting team was outstanding during this AccuWebHosting review.

It is a pleasant surprise to find the knowledge base. There are hundreds of videos and articles. Search simple questions or technical topics and you will likely find the article that answers your question. You might not need to contact support if you are a DIY webmaster.

The support team does an outstanding job overall. AccuWeb Hosting occasionally has live chat bugs but you can still expect top-notch support from the team.

AccuWebHosting’s Pros

AccuWeb’s large service has many attractive features. These are the top qualities I chose to highlight in my AccuWebHosting review. Here are the benefits you get from working with the host

Robust Infrastructure and Server Stack


AccuWebHosting is a leader in server infrastructure and the technologies that are installed on its servers are top-notch.

The host hosts top-of the-shelf hardware in its data centres. A typical server comes with:

  • 2x Intel E5-2670v3 12 Core CPUs
  • 128GB DDR3 RAM
  • RAID-10 and RAID-6 redundant SSDs

AccuWebHosting shared plans can be deployed on top CloudLinux, instead of CentOS. This premium solution increases account isolation and prevents clients from interfering on the same server.

AccuWebHosting’s “no overselling” policy ensures that you have the power to use all resources which was  purchased. This is a major problem with shared hosting. CloudLinux allows AccuWeb to circumvent this problem.

LiteSpeed is also used to run the shared plans of the host. This guarantees faster content delivery, especially if your CMS is PHP-based, than the regular Apache (Tomcat) Server. AccuWebHosting supports PHP 4.0 and higher, which can make WordPress applications run faster.

AccuWebHosting is not only a leader in shared hosting. It provides VPS web hosting with many advantages, including Hyper-V, SolusVM virtualization and Xen virtualization, 1Gbps connectivity and instant upgrades.

AccuWebHosting’s infrastructure is reliable and it offers cutting-edge shared hosting plans. AccuWebHosting’s excellent uptime and speed metrics are a testament to how well the host takes care of its servers.

Choice of Data Centers

data centre

It is crucial to have broad coverage in order to deliver content quickly. A data center near your target audience is essential for this. If servers are not close to your target audience, they can fail at long distances.

AccuWebHosting will not cause any problems. You can host data at 15 locations. This includes four data centers in America, four in Europe and three in Asia. One in Canada, Australia and South Africa is also available. It provide a broad area of solutions with an average host.

You must understand that not all locations would be available at the same time. AccuWebHosting’s plans for cPanel only allow you to access six locations, with two more in the pipeline. VPS plans can access all fifteen.

AccuWebHosting’s global server network is impressive, even though it’s not the most popular. Even shared plans can have a suitable location for most websites.

Broad Range of Services

various service

Hosting providers offer very basic services. These plans usually include dedicated, shared, and VPS plans. There may also be a reseller program. It’s easy to scale up and down through these plans.

AccuWebHosting offers services that go beyond what you will anticipate from a hosting.

It’s also anyone of the top popular Windows hosts. You start with basic ASP.NET shared web hosting, and then you can move on to a wide range of VPS services including Windows servers. You can read the AccuWebHosting Review in our top Windows Hosting Providers to learn more.

Load balancing servers are also available. AccuWebHosting is able to help you make your project more reliable and spread your workload efficiently.

There are also a various of more specific plans that you may select from. AccuWebHosting also offers a variety of development technologies that I will cover in the next section. AccuWebHosting also has Windows servers specifically designed for Forex trading. You can start trading immediately by having your favorite Forex app deployed by the support team.

Cloud VPS hosting plans are a good option if you obtain anything more reliable. These hosting plans are very similar to VPS, but you can pay per hour. To accommodate spikes in traffic, you can upgrade or downgrade servers at will.

AccuWebHosting offers managed services for Magento, Joomla and many other CMSs and shopping carts. AccuWebHosting’s product range is now one of the largest.

The host can manage any web app, and it will do so well.

Development Friendly

programming & database

Most of the web hosting providers that are competing for the top spot in 2021 look easy to use. Support scripts such as WordPress are expected to make it easy for clients to set up websites.

Most companies only support basic technologies. If you wish to create a customized setup, however, you will need to purchase a blank VPS server and set up the technology stack. Developers who don’t use the LAMP stack are extra possibly to grasp longer.

AccuWebHosting does things differently.

AccuWebHosting’s plans for cPanel support a variety of technologies. This includes standard technologies like PHP, Perl and Curl. You can also schedule cron jobs and have SSH access. Windows-based equivalents support ASP.NET as well as a variety of related technologies like MVC 5, AJAX and many MSSQL capabilities.

But there’s more!

AccuWebHosting offers special plans for Node.js technologies.

MEAN stack hosting can be purchased with full server stack support. This is anything that a number of supplier provide. This service is great for those who want to create JavaScript apps but don’t want their time to be lost on server maintenance.

You can make use of your admin hours when you have a VPS plan or cloud hosting plan to install any technology. When signing up, you can request the setup that you want.

The shared plans offer all the features developers love. The VPS elevates it a step further and assist a broad area of technologies.

Great for WordPress

manage wordpress

Many companies claim they are WordPress-optimized, promising a top-notch WP service. Many companies don’t keep their word and host sites on standard servers.

AccuWebHosting is a rare exception. AccuWebHosting is highly rated in WP hosting reviews, which is a positive sign. This supplier provide manage WordPress plans through many features.

The solution features a great server stack for WordPress with CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, and more. This makes WordPress faster, more secure, and isolates you from other clients.

This provider provides several layers of security for your WordPress site. This includes an anti-DDoS firewall, a hardware firewall and a Cloudflare web app firewall.

There is also a WordPress auto-updater. If you do not update the critical patches, your website won’t be at risk. If you don’t want your website to be vulnerable, it makes the best WordPress hosting.

Your WordPress installation is preloaded by the host with useful plugins like Yoast SEO and Super Cache. It create  it simpler for newbie to begin.

You also get advanced features like WP-CLI and Git integration, SSH access, and WordPress staging. These features are not necessary for a beginner but can be very useful when making advanced changes to your WordPress website.

AccuWebHosting WordPress Plans give you everything you need to take your website to the next level.

Free Backups


Backups are an essential part of any web hosting service. Backups are essential for any hosting solution. Daily automated backups are included in the shared plans. These backups are saved for seven days by the provider. No additional charge, you can restore as many times as needed.

This attributes is not present on all plans. Your backups will be reduced to once a week if you upgrade to a larger VPS plan. If that happens, daily backups would cost you at least $10 per month.

Payed backups can be exported remotely, which is a great advantage. This ensures that the backup file remains safe no matter what happens to your hosting server. Backups are great, even though they’re not always available on VPS web hosting.

Free Migration

site migration

It can be difficult to manage a website migration. You would require to solve the problem and finalize things as they often go wrong.

AccuWebHosting provides a free website migration service. The entire website migration can be done by the host’s technical team.

You would require to present a ticket with logins for your old hosting plan. This may be complete within a seven days of getting your AccuWebHosting logins. Within 72 hours, the team will move your website.

If you have a website already and want to change hosting companies, this is a great service.

IP Address  and Domain Name Include


Everyone like a freebie. It’s almost as good as getting free money if you get the essential services. AccuWebHosting offers a free domain registration along with a year of subscription. Domain renewals cost just $12.99 per month for a .com extension . You will save $13 on your first invoice with this freebie.

You must understand that WHOIS Guard costs $8 yearly. This is a high price considering that many domain registrars include WHOIS privacy at no additional cost. AccuWeb domains are not worth the cost without privacy protection.

AccuWeb offers a free IP address when you sign up for the largest shared hosting plan. The VPS plan and higher include 2-4 dedicated IP addresses.

This add-on is great for SEO, eCommerce, setting up SSL certificates or advanced email campaigns. A dedicated IP address costs between $2-4 per month, so it is nice to have one for free.

AccuWebHosting offers a few great freebies, particularly for businesses websites that take full advantage the dedicated IPs.

Many Add-On Services

ad on service

You’d be wrong to think that AccuWebHosting reviews are all about add-ons. You can add a variety of services to your existing plans by using AccuWebHosting.

Although they aren’t always free, these can be extremely helpful. These are good if you want to enhance the capacity of servers.

One such service is the backup add-on that I mentioned. This one is not required if AccuWeb reseller hosting, shared plans, or shared plans are chosen.

RapidSSL is a top supplier of the most trusted SSL certificate for domain authorities and encryption services. SSL certificates are an amazing integration. There are many certificates available, each with a warranty of liability and the possibility to secure multiple domains.

AccuWebHosting sells RapidSSL products only. This means that AccuWebHosting buys RapidSSL products in bulk at a discount price. This gives you lower rates than what you would normally have to pay. This is great if your business requires higher levels of validation.

AccuWebHosting also offers a CDN. This allows you to quickly send static content to remote areas. AccuWebHosting reviews are overwhelmingly positive about the speed improvement they experience.

This add-on allows you to have 107 points in 31 countries. This allows you to speed up content delivery almost anywhere in the world. For 10GB bandwidth, the service costs $3.95 per month. Prepaying for a longer period of time will give you a small discount, however.

If you are searching for anyone, it’s a good CDN.

A service for email marketing is also available. You can manage large marketing campaigns with up to 200,000 contacts per month and 5,000,000 emails per month. You can get an unlimited free trial of email hosting with 100 emails per month for $13.95/month. If you do not want to use a third-party provider, this is a great choice.

SpamExperts protection is available for just $1.95 per month. This is a simple, yet effective way to prevent annoying spam from coming your way. AccuWeb offers this security option, which is very popular with VPS web hosts.

There are many add-ons available to increase the power of your web app.

Student Incentives


Provider offers several incentives for university students. AccuWebHosting offers free hosting to students. This plan comes with 2GB SSD storage, 30GB bandwidth, which is quite good for a free plan. As long as your files are within the storage allocated, you can host a decent website.

To apply, you would require to build a 2-minute video. This is a fair condition as you get free hosting for any website that you choose.

Students can apply for the AccuWebHosting scholarship. Each semester, the host will award $1,000 grants to the best submission. You only need to submit a 3-minute video about a technology-related topic.

Incentives programs are undoubtedly generous. AccuWebHosting is a great option for students.

Positive User Reviews

customer review

A quick Google search will reveal a few hundred AccuWebHosting customer reviews. Most of these praise the efficient and reliable support team. AccuWeb’s free hosting is the only thing that you’ll see. It’s unfair to complain about the service, as it costs nothing.

Users who sign up for paid plans are nearly every time happy with the service. This is yet another testimony to the host’s reliability and performance.

AccuWebHosting’s Cons

AccuWebHosting is a solid player but no host can do everything perfectly. I was a little nitpicky in my AccuWebHosting review, and found a few things to keep in mind. This is what you should know before signing up.

Poor Site Builder

Many website owners have no technical experience. These users often want a simple way to create pages, without having to learn code. AccuWeb offers a website builder that will help you create a website in just few steps.

AccuWebHosting has partnered with RVSiteBuilder which is, to put it mildly, amateurish. It lacks attractive templates and a simple editor that is not intuitive and easy to use. There are also limited business features. It is far behind other site builders and many hosting providers have stopped supporting it.

Site builder isn’t the best feature of the platform. AccuWebHosting is the better option if you are searching for an simple way to set up WordPress.

Certain Plans Offer a Short Money-back Guarantee

Hosts offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. DreamHost offers a 97-day guarantee for shared hosting, and a 30-day guarantee for all other hosting types. This offers you with certain guarantee that the service will work and you can cancel at any time.

AccuWebHosting offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all shared plans. This is a great part. AccuWebHosting reviews state that not all plans offer the same refund period.

VPS plans, for example, reduce the guarantee to seven days even though you prepay for one year. This is generally not sufficient time to check the platform. You might have to wait until the guarantee expires before you can start a server migration.

It is not a main issue, however it is not ideal. Although the provider encourages users to prepay longer, it is a risk that there will not be a long money-back period.

No Monthly Shared Hosting Offers

Hosting companies allow clients to choose the length of their subscription. Long-term deals are often sweetened by a discount. Some clients prefer to pay monthly, which makes the hosting fees easier to manage.

AccuWebHosting does not always allow you to pay in smaller amounts. Three months is the minimum term that you can subscribe for AccuWeb reseller and shared hosting plans. Even though it’s convenient, you won’t get the best deals if you prepay for a longer period.

Monthly billing is possible for more expensive services, such as dedicated hosting and VPS servers. However, some users might find it difficult to pay for certain plans.

Not all plans work with SSDs

It is not a complication, but it is object to be conscious of. AccuWebHosting offers several services, referred to as “classic.” They are more cost-effective, but store data on hard drives rather than SSD storage, which is much faster. This can cause slower website performance.

This is not a problem in itself as you can simply go for SSD hosting. This is why AccuWebHosting reviewed 2021 AccuWebHosting. The host fails to clearly indicate which plans are running on HDD.

Non-SSD plans do not indicate the storage hardware underneath, which can lead to confusion.

It is best to choose plans that specifically state that they are compatible with SSDs. You’ll be able to avoid the speed problems that can arise from traditional drives.

A Look at AccuWebHosting Plans

price and plan

AccuWebHosting offers a wide range of facility and is the top reliable platforms. These are the Linux shared hosting offers. AccuWeb offers many more plans than this.

AccuWebHosting Windows plans, for example, are just marginally more expensive at $3.52/month. There are many other types of hosting that you can choose from.

All AccuWebHosting plans allow unlimited domains. It’s possible to fit multiple smaller websites onto the starter plan. However, this is a useful option.

Prices reflect a 15% discount when you sign up for cPanel accounts for three years. The pricing is also affordable if you are looking for a shorter term.

Are We Recommend AccuWebHosting

Yes! AccuWebHosting is a marvel with its extensive hosting platform. It has a good grasp of the basics. Its servers are quick and its support team is efficient. AccuWebHosting uptime record is outstanding.

Flexibility is what makes AccuWeb stand out. AccuWeb is a great choice for Windows and Linux hosting. They also provide specific subscription such MEAN stack VPS. AccuWeb offers something for everyone, from WordPress users to professionals web developers.

All plans are affordable. AccuWebHosting is one of the most affordable starter hosting providers, with its shared hosting starting at $3.09 per month. It’s also a very affordable VPS web host, which allows you to scale up without spending a fortune.

You should be aware of a slow website builder. It’s not enough to compromise the service.

AccuWebHosting is a reliable, flexible and affordable web host that will not disappoint.

Frequently Asked Question

What is AccuWebHosting’s advantage over SiteGround?
Because of the different offers from each provider, it is difficult to compare AccuWebHosting and SiteGround.

SiteGround is a good option for WordPress hosting. It offers excellent performance and outstanding support. SiteGround is a leading provider of hosting services, even though the plans are not cheap.

AccuWebHosting offers a much wider range of services than SiteGround. It offers a wide range of Windows-based plans as well as forex trading servers and MEAN stack management. Additionally, it has VPSs improved for load balancing. It’s also more affordable than SiteGround and offers decent support and performance.

SiteGround is the obvious choice for WordPress. However, AccuWebHosting offers more flexibility and is much cheaper.

What will be the price of  AccuWebHosting?
AccuWebHosting offers shared plans starting at $3.09 per month. This includes 10GB SSD storage and 500MB bandwidth per monthly,

as well as all the benefits that come with the service. It  is a better choice for users simple beginning out in hosting. You can read the full review to find out more about these features.

Is AccuWebHosting a Good Choice?
You bet!

AccuWebHosting offers a variety of services, great performance and customer service, as well as amazing features and helpful add-ons. You would also have to be very picky to point out any problems with the service.

You won’t find a web host that is more affordable than this starting at $3.09 per month.

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